FIRST Diabetes Reality Show: Caribbean Impact

charles mattocks in the kitchen

Celebrity Chef and diabetes advocate Charles Mattocks has done it again. He is successfully created the first diabetes awareness reality show that will begin filming shortly. The show is called “Reversed” and will take place on Jamaica where diabetes has hit particularly hard. The purpose of the show is to show the impact of diabetes … Read more

Tractors For Diabetes: Think Big, Act Small!

Old Red Tractor

For four years now, the folks in tiny Footville, WI (pop. 808) and surrounding towns have held an end of summer tractor parade to help raise diabetes awareness and raise money for a cure. This year the parade had over 80 tractors and rambled along back country roads for over 30 miles. The parade is … Read more

Secret Diabetes: 187 Million People Undiagnosed

undiagnosed diabetes chart

It seems incredible that there are upwards of 187 million people in the world who have diabetes, but have not been diagnosed. This amount is approximately 50 percent of the people who are estimated to have diabetes! Take a look at the following chart compiled with information from the International Diabetes Foundation. What you will … Read more

Video Share: Dr. Joel Fuhrman – Natural Diabetes Cure

Daily Diabetes Video

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a New York Times best selling author of the book The End of Diabetes. He concentrates much of his writings and medical practice in the area of natural treatments and health diet. This video gives just a tease of his belief in how changing your diet can cure or reverse diabetes. … Read more

Diabetes Explosion! Chinese Style

great wall of china

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study that estimated the prevalence of diabetes in the Chinese population over 18. What was startling about this report is that the estimates were far above those previously thought, as estimated by groups such as the International Diabetes Foundation. The study estimates that there are … Read more

Top 10 Diabetes Mobile Apps: Doctor Recommended

diabetes mobile apps

Medical Economics recently published a Top 10 List of the best mobile applications for diabetes, as recommended by doctors. Here is the list: iTriage: Symptom Checker and Physician Referral App Diabetes App: Glucose and Nutrition Tracker iCookBook: Diabetic Recipes, meal tracking and grocery planner Diabetes in Check: Planning and CDE Coaching Glucose Companion: Glucose and … Read more

New Diabetes Drugs: Good Enough or Smoke and Mirrors?

new diabetes drug studies

Today, there is a slew of stories about two new type 2 diabetes drugs aimed at helping you lower your glucose levels. The big hype is that they are not supposed to raise the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. You may recall that this issue was a big deal with Avandia, as this popular drug … Read more

Magic Diabetes Fruit?


Studying data from three different long term studies, researchers are claiming that the consumption of certain fruits can lower a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study looked at many different fruits, but honed in on three specific fruits: Blueberries, Grapes and Apples. Study participants who ate three servings of these fruits a … Read more

Video Share: Nick Jonas Speaking on Diabetes

Daily Diabetes Video

This video is an oldie but a goodie. Shot in 2007 at a Diabetes Research Institute event, Nick Jonas shares his experience about being diagnosed with diabetes and his life sine then. Even if you are not a teen girl, this video is a nice personal tribute that has been viewed over 320,000 times! Enjoy!