Diabetes Commercial Resources

Diabetes Commercial resourcesThese commercial resources have been kind enough to provide is with a link back to our site. We are not affiliated with these sites, but hope you find there content useful.

Angel Bear Pump Stuff
Angel Bear Pump Stuff Inc. makes “wearing an insulin pump easier for parents and more fun and comfortable for kids!” Design your own pump case by choosing the style, closure, belt and fabric. Choose from hundreds of fabrics for kids and adults.

Securitee Blanket
Securitee Blanket is an innovative product that helps protect your insulin vial from breakage and makes it easier to grip. Three sizes and four different colors ensure that you find the right one for YOU!

TypeFreeDiabetes.com is a fast and easy way you can access diabetes supplies, Type 2 diabetes tests, blood glucose monitors, etc. all in one site.

Dad Innovations
Medical awareness decal and key chains for diabetics and diabetic drivers. Alert emergency personnel that you are a diabetic driver with our special car window decals and key chains.

Diabetic Drugstore
Diabetic Drug Store offers diabetic cookies, sugar free candy and medical alert jewelry for diabetes care. Their blood pressure & glucose monitors give accurate readings of your blood sugar level and are easy to use.

Diabetes Mall
Visit the Diabetes Mall, your source for the latest in diabetes information, technology, and resources, plus diabetes books, test strips, and products at discount.