Do you Love New York? Well, Diabetes Does!

Recently, the New York Health Department reported that the instances of diabetes related deaths in the City has DOUBLED in the last 20 years to approximately 5,695 in 2011.

Even more disturbing is that the instances of type 2 diabetes has increased almost 44 percent in the last 10 years from approximately 450,000 cases up to over 650,000.

The greatest instances of diabetes tend to be those who are obese, a minority and lower income. You can read more in the New York Daily News, here.

Exercising a Little Goes a Long Way: Avoiding Diabetes and Reducing Glucose Levels

Don’t like long tedious workouts? Would you rather break up your workouts into smaller more manageable blocks of time? Well, this may actually be better for you and managing your glucose levels.

A recent study published in Diabetes Care looked at the effect that certain forms of exercise had on older Americans who were diagnosed with prediabetes. One group walked for 45 minutes at a time both in the morning and at night. The other group walked for 15 minutes after each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The group that broke the exercise up into 15 minute blocks after meals had far more control over their glucose levels and were less likely to develop diabetes. Why?

Apparently, walking after meals is a big help to your pancreas for burning up the energy spikes after you eat. You can read more at the ABC News Story Here.

Top Blood Glucose Meters Reviews

glucose meter reviews and ratings

best choice logoYou want to find the BEST blood glucose meter. Yet, there are literally dozens of choices. Take a look at our easy to understand glucose meter comparison charts and our glucose meter reviews of the top models.

There are literally dozens of choices. Unfortunately, choosing is even more difficult because it is almost impossible to figure out what makes one meter different from another.

None of the manufacturers are consistent with the information they provide. After all, how do you really compare glucose meters? We have created dozens of reviews and tips to try and help you with this process.

We have exhaustively reviewed owners’ manuals, company websites, customer complaints and endorsements to assemble the most complete information possible. Here you can compare blood glucose meter choices and find the best glucose meter for you.

aFIRST, take a look at our GLUCOSE METER COMPARISON page which divides meters into different categories including Compact, Conventional, Advanced and Specialty.

SECOND, don’t forget to check out our TEST STRIP PRICE COMPARISON page to get the best deals on test strips.


Confused by the different brands and models? Looking for the BEST glucose meter? Looking to compare the TOP meters? Take a look at some of the meter reviews below. We have standardized our reviews so that you can knowledgeably compare meters to make the most informed decision. Your blood sugar and your health deserve nothing less!


Who are the companies that make glucose monitors? What are their backgrounds? What kind of experience do they have? Learn about the top manufacturers and compare glucose meters.


  • choose a glucose meter
    How to Choose a Diabetes Glucose Meter: The Top 12 Factors!
    Beyond the in-depth glucose meter reviews above, I highly recommend that you take a look at our guide for choosing a meter. This guide provides a great overview of the many features to look for when choosing your next meter.Sometimes price is the least important feature. Make an informed decision before committing to your next meter.
  • meter accuracy
    Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy: This subject is one of the top questions people email me about on this site. I got so tired of responding to all the inquiries that I wrote an article about the subject to refer people to when they ask. If you ever wondered how the FDA approves meters and why you get one reading one time and 5 seconds later get a different reading, you will want to read this “instant classic” article.

  • talking glucose meters
    Talking Glucose Meters:
    No one likes to admit it, but sometimes it gets harder to read these small screens as we get older. Unfortunately, another off shoot of diabetes is that people have diminished eye sight and even blindness.Talking meters allow people with eye sight issues to still take an active role in their blood sugar management. Take a look at these 11 different choices.
  • glucose testing video
    Blood Glucose Testing: Here is a great video about the importance of monitoring your glucose levels. The video also goes into nice detail about how you can get the most out of your meter for best results.
  • free glucose meter
    How to get a Free Blood Glucose Meter?
    Besides wanting to know why their meters can deliver inaccurate results, readers are always asking how they can get a free meter. Well, we wrote a quick overview of how you can do just that.However, be aware that sometimes there is no “free lunch!” There are a lot of free meter offers out there, but they often aren’t “free”.
  • continuous glucose monitoring
    Continuous Glucose Monitoring:
    More and more people are deciding to use a continuous glucose monitor or CGM system. These are powerful tools and not all of them have the same features.
    Take a look at the available options on the market today and see if you want to step up and buy one.

Diabetes Podcasts – Insider Interviews!

Microphone for podcast interviews

podcast and interviewsOur podcast and interview series looks to connect listeners with leaders in the diabetes community. These interviews seek to put a personality behind some of the many people working and contributing to improve diabetes health.

Have you ever wanted to learn…

  • What does a CDE do?
  • Who are the leading social voices in the diabetes community and what is important to them?
  • What about technology? What are the leading diabetes technology companies looking to accomplish next?
  • What are researchers excited about today?

We have also transcribed each interview in case you would rather read it. Just click on the person’s name below and it will take you to the individual interviewed.


  • chloe vance small photo
    Chloe Vance Chloe is the Founder and the Executive Director of Connected In Motion. This non-profit organization helps people with type 1 diabetes experience life to the fullest through outdoor experiential learning. Chloe is awesome and full of energy. Learn about life in the “Diabetes Slipstream” with Chloe.
  • glooko-logo-small
    Rick Altinger Rick is the CEO of Glooko, a new innovative diabetes management tool that allows you to coordinate with your doctor or caregiver to help control your diabetes. Come learn more about how Glooko is changing the quality of care that is possible for people with diabetes.

Technology Companies

  • diabetes-tracker-small
    Sergey Oreshko Sergey is the founder of My Net Diary, a mobile app company that developed the number one diet and fitness tracking app in the world. Due to customer demand, Sergey’s company has released My Net Diary D, which helps people with diabetes achieve their health and fitness goals. The product is amazing, so please check out this interview with Sergey to learn more.
  • paul-latta-interview-small
    Paul Latta Paul is a business person working with advanced researchers to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. His work centers on islet cell transplantation and encapsulation.
    Paul’s work is fascinating for anyone looking for a cure for type 1 diabetes or insulin dependent type 2 diabetes.
  • tandem-diabetes-small
    Linda Parks Linda is the National Director of Clinical Education at Tandem Diabetes. Tandem makes the t:slim insulin pump, arguably the most technically advanced pump available today. She joins is to talk about this great pump and to let us know about several exciting partnerships Tandem has with Dexcom, a continuous glucose meter manufacturer, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Health Care Professionals

  • Fit4d-logo-small
    David Weingard David is the CEO and founder of Fit4d, a nationwide diabetes health coaching service. Fit4D works with pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and employers to provide Certified Diabetes Educator coaches to help people manage their diabetes better. David really knows how to leverage technology to provide some of the best care possible to patients. This is a very informative chat!
  • book-diabetes-your-way-small
    Michelle Dart Michelle is an MSN, PNP, CDE and Diabetes Author. She has a wealth of health knowledge and has published multiple books on diabetes and nursing. Learn about nutritional counseling, what a CDE is and how to find diabetes resources in your local community.

Inspirational People

  • lucinda-duncalfe-small
    Lucinda Duncalfe Lucinda is the CEO and founder of, a meal delivery company that focuses on creating fresh healthy meals. In this latest venture, Lucinda is looking to revolutionize the way people can get the healthiest meals possible. If you like good food and value your health, then you will not want to miss out on learning what Lucinda is up to!
  • mattocks-kitchen-small
    Charles Mattocks Charles is a leading diabetes advocate and Celebrity Chef. He has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, Good Morning America, CNN and many others. Charles is also the author of a best selling cookbook, Eat Well, Eat Cheap. Currently, he is wrapping up a new film he created called The Diabetic You and in pre-production of a new diabetes reality television show, called Reverse D. You won’t want to miss Charles’ interview!
  • iron-andy-holder-small
    Iron Andy Holder Eight time Ironman Triathlete and Type 1 diabetic, Andy runs a diabetes charitable foundation and is the Vice President of Collaboration for, a dynamic new publication for people with type 1 diabetes. This interview is a must listen!

Diabetic Meal Plan – Top Choices Available

diabetic-diet-meal-planFinding the Best Diabetic Meal Plan has never been easier or more important. With busy lives, it is absolutely critical that we have an easy and understandable meal plan to follow. If the plan isn’t simple to follow, then it won’t matter what diabetes meal plan you choose. You just won’t follow it.

The meal plan is the ACTION PLAN for achieving good health and following your diet. It is the most important component to achieving great health. Otherwise, it is too easy to cheat!

We have collected the most popular meal plan choices on the market today and assembled them in an easy to understand format. So, no matter what meal plan you choose, you easily have access to great meal plans.


diabetic-meal-planIf you are looking for the Definitive Diabetes Meal Plan, this could be the one for you. This plan is from a nutrition company that has supplied meal planning software for other Registered Dieticians for over 20 years.

Think about this. This company is where professional dieticians turn for help with designing meal plans for their own clients.

They have many meal plan choices. The diabetic option has over 25 weekly meal plans. That’s 175 meals! Check out this Diabetic Diet Meal Plan page, to learn more.


Calorie based diabetic meal plans are VERY popular. Many people, whether to lose weight, or simply to manage their diabetes, are required to follow these diets to achieve better health. These range from 1,200 calorie plans up to 2,500 calorie plans.

The problem is – good luck finding good resources to put together a reasonable meal plan. If you are able to find a good plan, most don’t offer reasonable options for substituting different foods if you don’t like some of the choices provided.

Well, we were excited to find some different, and much better, choices. Here are the three most popular calorie based meal plans that make it is for you:

Each plan has 31 weekly plans (over 200 meals!), 90 recipes and options for what to do when you eat out at popular restaurants.


south beach meal plan We have taken a lot of time to review various popular commercial diabetic diets, including the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet and the Zone Diet. While these diets are great, the problem with most of them is implementing a workable meal plan, day in and day out. Otherwise, you may find yourself, like me, having a difficult time following them.

What are your options? We have assembled some of the top diabetic meal plan options for these popular diets. If you are following, or thinking of following, one of these diets, check out these pages:


The diabetic meal plans above should cover most if not all of your diabetes diet needs. However, there may be some special circumstances that require more information or options to find just the right meal plan for you.

For example, women with gestational diabetes often want additional resources and options. Take a look at our gestational diabetes meal plan options.

Vegetarians also can have trouble finding workable meal plans. Getting enough vegetable based protein without eating beans and tofu all day can be a challenge! However, the benefits can be great! For vegetarian recipes check this out.

By Erich Schultz – Last Reviewed December 2013.