Diabetes New Research

new researchWhen learning about diabetes new research findings, they can be hard to locate. We have put together this resource to help you get the information you are most looking for, so you can take charge of finding the best treatment options for your diabetes.

Before we take a look at some of your online research tools, let’s see what scientists are focusing on today? Here is a sample list:

  • Islet Transplantation
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Eliminating Immunosuppression Needs
  • Emerging Technologies (genetic and tissue engineering, cell rejuvenation techniques)

Not surprisingly, the government is the most prolific sponsoring agency of research on diabetes in the country. While much of the efforts can be found in one central medical research database, you will need to check a number of different sites to pull it all together.

Top 5 Online Diabetes New Research Tools

  1. Clinical Trials. Clinical Trials is the key research tool for diabetes research, particular clinical trials. Interestingly, you can search for trials in your area if you are interested in participating in the research. Sometimes the trials will even pay you to participate!
  2. PubMed. This is another great resource. Pubmed provides access to millions of journal articles from around the world. The results usually only provide an abstract, but often this is enough to get you started. You can also see which periodicals have sited to the study. You can do further online research or talk to your doctor about getting further information if you need more than Pubmed provides. PubMed is run by the U.S. National Library and the National Institute of Health.
  3. Medline. Medline has an almost overwhelming amount of diabetes information. While they do not catalogue diabetes research or clinical studies, they do catalog everything from drug information, medical encyclopedias and patient tutorials. Medline is run by the U.S. National Library and the National Institute of Health.
  4. Diabetes Research Institute. Located in Miami Florida, the DRI is the “most comprehensive diabetes research facility of its kind.” They are doing cutting edge studies on many of the research cited above.
  5. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Let’s not forget about the non-western treatments that exist for diabetes. The NCCAM is run by the National Institute of Health and seeks to substantiate, through western scientific eyes, alternative and eastern medical practices, sometimes with surprising results. Look at the top menu bar for a link to the newest research studies.

These Top 5 Resources may not cover it all, but they will more than get you started!

Bonus Resource:

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation also has an active research program. They also have a nice newsletter that summarizes scientific advances.