TRUE Read Glucose Meter Review

The TRUE Read Glucose Meter is another “ham and egger” monitor by Home Diagnostics. The meter is nothing fancy, but gets the job done. Not surprisingly, the TRUEread is covered by multiple Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs. Key Advantages Economical. If you can’t get it for free, the meter sells for less than $20 dollars. … Read more

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

plant based diet

A whole food plant based diet is receiving growing attention as one of the healthiest diets you can follow. This is particularly true if you have diabetes or cardiovascular disease. There are two very common questions people have when getting started with this type of diet. They are: What can I eat? How do I … Read more

Pre Diabetes – You Didn’t See This Coming Did You?

pre diabetes

Admit it, you are a little apprehensive about pre-diabetes, aren’t you? All the questions: what is the pre diabetes diet? What signs and symptoms did I miss? What is the treatment? Incredibly, in 2010 79 million Americans had pre-diabetes. This represents and increase of almost 39% since 2007. WOW! Yet, most of them are surprised … Read more