Diabetic Chili Recipe

This is my diabetic chili recipe. There are a couple of things about this recipe that are unusual. However, I think you will agree that the changes are worth while. First, I use sirloin for the meat. Sirloin is somewhat expensive compared with stew beef, that many people use for chili recipes. However, I really … Read more

Diabetic Shredded Pork Recipe

My diabetic shredded pork recipe lets you have a classic American dish. Great for a tailgate or other get together. I have reduced the sugar content and some of the sodium normally found in more traditional recipes. Some people complain about recipes that cut out high sugar and sodium content. Personally, I have a hard … Read more

Diabetic White Chili Recipe

white chili recipe

Something New? Try this diabetic white chili recipe. It is super low in sodium and uses less carbs than most comparable recipes. It has always been a fan favorite at our house. I would note that to achieve the low sodium results, you will have to take an extra step. This recipe uses dried kidney … Read more

Diabetic Brisket Recipe

This Diabetic Brisket Recipe was not altered at all from the original non-diabetic beef brisket recipe. I cannot emphasize how easy AND good this recipe is to make. I (and soon to be you!) have Dave Baker to thank for sharing this creation. No, Dave is not a celebrity chef, but a long time friend of mine, … Read more

Diabetic Beef Stew Recipe

I made this diabetic beef stew recipe last night. I loved it and so did my whole family. While it tastes good, there are several aspects of the recipe that make it much healthier than a normal beef stew. First, I use sirloin instead of stew beef. Yes, it is more expensive, but I typically … Read more