Diabetic Cranberry Jello Salad Recipe

cranberry jello salad recipe

So, you like jello molds, but need them to be low carb. Check out our diabetic cranberry salad jello mold recipe. It has a simple but good taste with some nice cranberry and celery texture. While it doesn’t have the sugar of your grandma’s recipe, it still is a great option for that summer picnic. … Read more

Diabetic Almond Chicken Salad Recipe

almond chicken salad recipe

Adding the almonds to this chicken salad recipe gives the recipe a hint of sophistication and welcome complexity. Try this on a bed of lettuce for an ultra low carb choice or grab a couple of low carb whole wheat slices of bread for a proper sandwich.   The nutritional content above is approximate, per … Read more

Diabetic Dill Potato Salad Recipe

diabetic dill potato salad recipe

Just calling this a Dill Potato Salad recipe is really not doing this recipe justice. We add in sour cream, Dijon mustard, lemon juice and a whole host of other spices to give this simple recipe a professional restaurant quality taste. It has very little fat and the carbohydrate count is fairly low if you … Read more

Diabetic Tabouli Salad Recipe

diabetic tabouli recipe

Tabouli salad is a classic Arabic recipe that combines cracked wheat, often called bulgar, with a variety of great vegetables and spices. The lemon juice, parsley, salt and olive oil really make the flavors standout. The serving size is somewhat small, so this makes a great side salad, or you can add a little more … Read more

Diabetic Waldorf Salad Recipe

diabetic waldorf salad recipe

Everyone loves the classic Waldorf Salad. This recipe uses the ingredients you know and love and makes this salad healthier and diabetic friendly. While we did not include lettuce in the ingredients, feel free to serve this recipe over lettuce. The affect on the nutritional content is minimal.   The nutritional content above is approximate, … Read more

Raisin Salad Recipe

Carrot Raisin Salad recipe

Low fat? Check. Diabetic? Check. Easy to make? Check. Try our raisin salad recipe and please the crowd with little work. If you can shred some carrots, or at least buy them pre-shredded, then you are in business with this healthy recipe.   The nutritional content above is approximate, per serving. The figures have been … Read more

Broccoli Shrimp Salad Recipe

broccoli shrimp salad recipe

This is a low calorie, low fat tasty salad. Our broccoli shrimp salad recipe is a perfect accent to that summer party or as a stand-alone meal if you bulk up on the portion size. We added pasta to the recipe in the picture, but the nutritional content, below, does not include the pasta.   … Read more

Diabetic Asian Infused Salad Recipe

diabetic asian infused salad

Our Asian Salad Recipe is inspired by the use of cabbage and tangerines to give it an exotic, yet familiar taste. Again, we try to use common ingredients but help you get new and diverse tastes. We have not included a salad dressing with this recipe, so choose your favorite to go with it. However, … Read more

Diabetic Cobb Salad Recipe

cobb salad recipe photo

This may be a diabetic Cobb salad recipe, but it is tasty good regardless of your health condition. If you have never tried a Cobb salad, then do yourself a favor and start with this one. We have also included a homemade salad dressing option if you do not have a dressing you already like. … Read more

Diabetic Steak and Roasted Vegetable Salad Recipe

Diabetic Steak and Roasted Vegetable Salad Recipe is a crowd pleaser. The various vegetables, roasted, rather than raw, really produce a rich flavor not soon forgotten. You can also substitute chicken if you do not want the use steak. Either way, this recipe is fantastic and yummy good!   The above ingredients are for four … Read more