Work and School With Diabetes

Just because you or a loved one has diabetes doesn’t mean the world stops. People with diabetes still have to go to work and school, essentially leading ordinary lives. Fortunately, with proper management, there is no need for concern most of the time.

Nonetheless, out of the ordinary situations do arise and sometimes certain situations need a bit of finessing when it comes to a particular boss, teacher or school administrator. Additionally, sometimes emergencies do arise and proper advanced planning is prudent.


Paying attentionFor this reason, families with children need to know their rights and obligations with helping their child have a safe, yet active and fulfilling school experience. My experience is that some schools and school districts are very good about accommodating special circumstances. Unfortunately, I have also found other schools are less accommodating.

However, if your child’s school receives federal funds, which essentially includes every public school in the country, then you do have protections. Take a look at this article to learn the basics about what accommodations are required and expected to keep your child safe. Children in School With Diabetes


Correspondingly, most of us do have to work for a living. As such, we need to know what protections we have if we need some time to get our blood sugar normalized or attend special medical training, etc. You also want to know your rights if you think your employer is discriminating against you.

Diabetes is typically considered a disability under the law. For more, workplace rights Does My Boss Think I Have a Disability Because I Have Diabetes?

Diabetes Camps

Going to summer camp is great fun! When your child has diabetes, you need to be aware of their special needs, thus make sure you know What to Take to Diabetes Camp?