Video Share: TEDx Talk – Rethinking a Diabetes Cure

Daily Diabetes Video

Here is an eye opening TEDx Talk on re-thinking the cause of diabetes and how we approach a cure. Dr. Peter Attia even suggests that diabetes may be cause obesity, and not the other way around. If you have never listened to a TEDx Talk, they really can be fascinating and thought provoking. Please enjoy … Read more

Act Locally! Raising Diabetes Awareness

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Today, I want to share a story about Guy Poole. Guy is 69 years old and lost his wife to type 2 diabetes complications in 2004. Sometimes, we forget that there are little things we can do help raise money for a cure and diabetes awareness. When Guy lost his wife, he decided to do … Read more

Diabetes Crystal Ball

woman looking into a crystal ball

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball to be able to tell the future? How about getting an accurate idea of whether you would get type 2 diabetes over a decade before it happened. Well, researches think they have a simple blood test can determine if you are an increased risk as much … Read more

Text Messaging Reduces Diabetes by 36 Percent!

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Now I’ve heard everything. Apparently, a three year study recently concluded which found that men who received 2 to 3 health related text messages a week reduced the likelihood of them developing diabetes by 36 percent! Over 500 men in Southeast India with a high BMI and a family history of diabetes were chosen to … Read more

CNOGA: World’s First No Prick Glucose Meter

cnoga glucose meter

Reports about companies developing a “no prick” blood glucose meter have been around for a while. Well, it appears an Israeli company called, CNOGA, has finally cracked the code. The device has been approved in Europe and CNOGA will begin shipping the device in Europe, South America and countries throughout Asia. This is really exciting … Read more

Dr. Dean Ornish: Healing Yourself Through Diet

Daily Diabetes Video

Here is another great Tedx Talk from New York Times Best Selling Author Dr. Dean Ornish. Folks, if you don’t know about the power of eating the right foods, your missing your most powerful opportunity to heal yourself. If you are in pain, if you are suffering, if you just want to feel better, then … Read more

Harsh Criticism For the ADA

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No one ever said running a large non-profit organization was easy. Well, a recent article on one of the most popular websites on the Internet has some harsh criticism for the American Diabetes Association. The premise of the article is to compare the performance of the ADA against the American Cancer Association and the American … Read more

Diabetes Drugs: 10 More Years of Little Progress

diabetes drug market share

We all know diabetes is growing. What this translates to is that the pharmaceutical industry is scrambling to fill the ever-growing demand for diabetes drugs. What exactly does this mean for you? As reported by Bloomberg News, it means that over the next 10 years you will most likely see almost no advancement in the … Read more

New Cinnamon Study and Diabetes Health

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We wrote about the health benefits of taking cinnamon to help people with diabetes control their blood sugars years ago. Well, new research really drives home the power of cinnamon on diabetes health. The new study, published in the Annals of Family Medicine, doesn’t actually conduct new research. Instead, it tries to make sense of … Read more

1984 and Diabetes: Big Brother’s Coming!

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Here is an interesting piece on the possible use of legislation to help stem the diabetes impact. What’s interesting to me about the article is that it mainly discusses how you and me need to be controlled and really places no emphasis on industry. Certainly, I believe in personal responsibility and people making the right … Read more