Diabetic Exercise Resources

sportWelcome to our diabetic exercise resources page. These links and resources are health related. Hopefully, some of them may be helpful to you. Most have been kind enough to provide a link back to our site, thus growing the reach of our diabetes audience. Thanks!

As with all other links, while we like these sites, we take no responsibility for them or their content (you know there had to be a disclaimer!).


Joslin Diabetes Center
Here is a treasure trove of articles on diabetes and exercise. They cover not just how to exercise, but what to watch out for and be careful doing if you have diabetes

Insulin Independence
Insulin Independence is a no-profit organization committed to helping diabetics develop physical fitness. They have a wide variety of youth programs, expeditions, and many other interesting and fun exercise programs.

Vegan Bodybuilding
Your Complete Guide to Gaining Muscle & Might without meat.

Heavy Sports, Inc.
The Online Home for Strength Athletes.

Lift for Life
Lift for Life, the complete natural bodybuilding and fitness resource. Bodybuilding articles, bodybuilding models, bodybuilding competition information, online bodybuilding forum and pictures of natural bodybuilders.

Hopefully you have enjoyed these diabetic exercise resources. If you have other health related or diabetic links, please let us know.