Diabetic Meal Plan Guide

Finding the best diabetic diet meal plan just got easier. We have reviewed many different diet options, but the one central problem is always finding a system that can be implemented easily. In other words, it is tremendously difficult to find the right diet with a workable meal plan.

We ordered the Diabetic Friendly Meal Plan, from NutriDIET Pro (Axxya Systems). This is a new diabetic Meal Plan that we have found to be very good and wanted to write about on this site. To make it easier to follow, we have decided to do a Top 10 List to let you know why we like this meal planning option so much.


Here are the TOP 10 Reasons why we like this diabetic diet meal plan option:

  1. Designed by Nutritional Pros for Nutritional Pros. The company that put this plan together does not just  provide meal planning solutions for consumers like us. It also provides meal planning solutions that registered dieticians use for advising their clients. Thus, you know you are getting good solid nutritional advice.
  2. Meal Choices. There are 25 weekly plans with over 170 meals.
  3. Food Choices. Food lists with nutritional data to help you substitute ingredients if you don’t happen to like some of the meals provided.
  4. Calorie Choices. Different calorie meal plans are provided from 1200 to 2500 calories.
  5. Pictures. It may sound silly, but I really like to see what a meal will look like before I make it. It gets me excited about making the meal. This book has great pictures of many of the featured recipes.
  6. Nutritional Information. Each day has a nutritional breakdown of the foods you will be eating. You can see in one easy glance how many carbohydrates, proteins, etc., you are eating each day and each week. This may sound trivial, but there are so many diet books that don’t do this.
  7. Simple. The plan is easy to follow and understand. Plus, the foods in each meal are chosen to be easy to find in your local grocery store.
  8. Health Tips. I don’t need to read a 300 page book on all the health landmines I need to avoid, or steps I need to take to be a better me. This book provides a simple list of eating and health do’s and don’ts. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), just my style.
  9. Exchange Option. The plan provides those following an exchange diet options to make this diet work for them.
  10. Cheap. Having this much straight forward information for only $24.99 is a bargain.

As you can see from the above list, we really like this diabetes diet meal plan. The plan really hits a lot of our preferred buttons: Inexpensive, Simple, and Multiple Choices to Customize (or not).

While it does come as an e-book, it is not one of those “get rich quick” companies that try to sucker you with false hope about reversing your diabtes. As I stated above, this company has been providing diet advice to consumers and professionals for over 20 years.

Is it perfect? Of course not, you still have to go grocery shopping, prepare the meals and follow a set plan. For those of us, who hate to follow a set plan, this won’t change that inclination. But then again, that’s part of the issue with diabetes in the first place!

However, the hope with this plan is that you can get up and running relatively easily with a good diabetic diet meal plan at minimal expense and hassle.


It has come to our attention that this meal planning guide is no longer available. We’ll leave this post available since we believe the review still has value.

In the meantime, this diabetes meal planning page has a wealth of information to reference.