Don’t Mess With Texas? Diabetes Does!

In yet another report of diabetes statistics run wild, public health officials have found that people living in South Texas have a huge problem with obesity and diabetes.

A study published by the University of Texas found that nearly a third of all people living in South Texas are obese and approximately 11 percent have diabetes.

The obesity rate, unfortunately, is on par with the rest of the United States. However, the diabetes rate is almost double. Approximately, 6 percent of Americans have diagnosed diabetes. So how does this happen?

The study theorizes that many of the usual suspects are to blame.

Poor Diet (76 percent eat fewer fruits and vegetables than average)
Lack of Exercise (Roughly half do not get required amount)
Hereditary (mostly Hispanic in the area)

This area also tends to be less affluent which contributes to lower or inadequate medical care. Like other parts of the country, Texas is beginning to learn that diabetes is a formidable enemy. The article was written by the San Francisco Chronicle.