Eating Your Way Through The Super Bowl

This post was written by Chef Ward Alper, The Decadent Diabetic.

super bowl sundayNo sitting on the sidelines for us just because we have diabetes! You don’t really think you have to endure Super Bowl Sunday gnawing on a celery stick, do you?


You want chips? We got chips. Just check out the Lavash chip recipe under the recipe tab here at Diabetes Well Being, under the Decadent Diabetic. If you don’t want them to be in strips as the recipe suggests, cut them into triangles and enjoy. Want them spicier? Add a little chili or curry powder to the oil. They will hold up to any dip or guacamole.

Pizza, you say? Look at the pizza recipes from two weeks ago when I answered your questions about making pizza more diabetic-friendly.

Sliders on your dream menu? Serve them on whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thins.

Slaw is easy-peasy. Check out the recipe for “skinny slaw” on the Decadent Diabetic website. It is so good that neither you nor your guests will ever even think it is a low carb dish.

Finger food? Check out this very simple recipe below… and may your team win big!

Cucumber and Radish Small Bites

Serving size: 6 pieces
Net Carbohydrates: 5g

Note: The first time I entertained guests after my diagnosis, I went into a panic about what to make as an Hors d’ oeuvre. I came up with this very simple little bite that is so good, I never hesitate to serve it. It is a flash to prepare.

1 7-8 inch long cucumber, peeled and sliced into ½ inch thick pieces

1 8 ounce pkg. cream cheese

1-2 Tbsp. minced shallot (or onion or scallion)

1 stalk of celery minced

5-6 radishes minced + 1-2 sliced thinly

1- Tbsp. fresh parsley, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

diabetic super bowl snacks

How I prepare this Recipe:

Step 1: Soften the cream cheese to room temperature

Step 2: Mince the onion, celery radish, and parsley together and add to the softened cream cheese.

Step 3: Spoon ½ tsp. of the mixture on each cucumber slice and top with ½ of a radish slice.

Refrigerate until set.


Use remaining mixture on a sheet of lavash (roll up into a log and cut into pinwheels) or on lavash chips, or save for use on your morning toast.

There are as many variations on the filling as you have an imagination to create. Curry comes to mind, as does spinach!