South Beach Diet Meal Plans

south beach diet meal plansGetting a great South Beach Diet Meal Plan is very easy. In fact, the South Beach Diet is arguably the easiest of all the well known diets to menu plan. So, why do we say this? Let’s take a look at how you would put together a meal plan for this diet. You can also read our South Beach Diet Review in on our weight loss page.

Obviously, if you buy the latest book, The South Beach Diet Supercharged, you will be provided a meal plan that will help you through the three phases of the diet. However, this plan does not allow for customization. Moreover, it does not distinguish between a 150lbs woman and a 250 lbs man: Everyone eats the same.
When my wife and I did this diet, she was fine, but I got a little hungry and light headed. Although, we both did lose weight.

So, what are your options and why did we open this article stating that menu planning was easy for this diet?


The company website has arguably the best diet tools in the industry. You can choose from hundreds of meals to customize your own meal plan.

Think about this. All you do is go online, click on the meals you want to make and a meal plan is generated for you. This is fantastic. You do not have to worry about recalculating the nutritional content of the meals because the computer will take care of everything.

While you can do this on a weekly level, you can also do it on a daily basis if your food tastes happen to change that day. Meanwhile, you can see how a different meal choice affects the bigger picture, i.e., your weekly meal plan.

This convenience does cost you some money though. To join the community will run about $5 a week or $20 a month. Not really expensive, but not cheap either. However there is more.


south beach meal planMeal plans are great, but grocery lists are truly spectacular. Unless you want to do NutriSystem D (our review), which is a food delivery meal option, or hire a personal chef, a menu plan and grocery list is as easy as you are going to get.

Once you create your menu plan (daily, weekly, etc.) all you have to do is click a button and a South Beach Diet Grocery List is automatically generated for you. Print it out and go to the grocery store.

Again, unless you want the meals delivered to your door, this is the next best thing.


While the Atkins diet has several books that help you menu plan, the South Beach Diet does not. True the basic book does have a menu plan, but it will only get you up and running. For a long term option, you will have to do your own menu planning.

Alternatively, you could do the online program we just discussed. If you do the online program, remember that it does not have to be forever. You could do it for 3, 6, or 12 months.

If you print out and save your meal plans, then you could recycle them for years. After all, how often do you really switch up your daily routine? I tend to make the same meals over and over.

Hopefully, these South Beach Diet Meal Plan options were helpful. Good luck and happy planning.