Compare Types Of Insulin Pumps – Find The Best Choice!

There are many types of insulin pump. What is the best insulin pump? What are the top manufactures? Let’s take a look.

Compared with glucose meters, your choices of an insulin pump are fairly limited. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty to think about when deciding what pump is right for you. The pump size, Bolus delivery method, alarms, memory, software options, etc., are all similar but different enough to require a closer look.

You can even get some of them in unique and different colors!


There are only seven major insulin pump manufacturers. There used to be eight, but Smiths Medical MD discontinued its popular Deltec Cozmo insulin pump in March 2009. Smiths is exiting the pump market entirely. The seven main remaining manufacturers and their current insulin pump offerings are:

Roche Diagnostics – Accu-Chek Spirit Comboaccu-chek-spirit-combo

  • Wireless Connectivity with Accu-Chek Aviva Glucose Meter
  • Water Tightness
  • Largest Insulin Cartridge Capacity in industry (315 units)
  • Small Basel Increment
  • Integrated Bolus Calculator

Sooil Development – DANA Diabecare IISdana-diabecare-iis.j

  • Over 50,000 patients worldwide
  • Icon Driven Interface (great for visually impaired)
  • Display provides instructions in over 15 Languages! (Including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.)
  • Cost is 25 to 35 percent less than competitors

Medtronic Diabetes – MiniMed Paradigm 522/722K

  • Integrates REAL TIME glucose monitoring. Only pump on market providing this (optional equipment)
  • Unprecedented historical data
  • Real time monitoring allows better glucose control, particularly over nocturnal and post prandial hypoglycemia, those experiencing the dawn phenomenon, and pregnant women.
  • Pediatric Model available for children between 7 and 12 years old.
  • Integrates with CareLink Personal Software
  • Partnership with OneTouch Ultra Link glucose meter can provide wireless communication of glucose test results

Insulet Corporation – OmniPod Insulin Management Systemomnipod-insulin-pump

  • Tubing free system. Separate Pod (injects insulin) and Wireless Monitor (communicates with POD)
  • Monitor can be placed anywhere on body (not just belt)
  • Water tight System (Wear in pool, shower, ocean, etc.)

Animas Corporation (Johnson & Johnson) – OneTouch Pinganimas-insulin-pump.p

  • Smallest basal dose available
  • Waterproof (up to 12 feet of water)
  • Color Display Screen
  • Wireless communication with OneTouch Ping glucose meter
  • Continuous Glucose monitoring available from partnership with DEXCOM.

Tandem Diabetes – t:Slimtandem-diabetes-insulin-pump

  • Very small basal insulin dosage
  • Touch screen color display
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • CGM program with OneTouch Verio IQ

There you have it – The types of insulin pump available.

By Erich Schultz – Last Reviewed October 2012.