Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter Review

contour next ezThe Contour EZ glucose meter is one of newest blood monitoring devices offered by Bayer Corporation. Admittedly, I am a little puzzled by the meter. It seems to offer very few different features from previous Bayer meters.

Likewise, the other curious aspect of the meter is that it does not move the ball forward in terms of any advances in technology being offered by other competitors.

So, is the meter complete worth ignoring? Or, does the blood monitor offer something that is worth considering? Let’s take a look and see what makes this meter the same (and different) from the pack of meters currently available on the market today.

Key advantages

  • Auto Coding: This meter is auto coding. Most meters are today, but nonetheless, it is worth noting.
  • Personable Hi/Low Settings: You can set upper and lower limits that you want the meter to let you know if you exceed them. Of course, you can keep track of this yourself, but it is nice to just program it into the meter.
  • 5 Second Testing Results: Very quick results.
  • Test Strips: The test strips are new and perform up to 7 repeat checks for every test. The thought is that they provide greater accuracy than other strips. I have written extensively on glucose meter accuracy on this site, however, I have also included a link to the FDA’s 510(k) report on the meter’s accuracy.
  • High Altitude: The meter remains accurate up to 20,674 feet. Many meters tap out at approximately 10,000 feet. However, still realize that the meter has to be at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit o work properly. So, don’t think you can just whip it out at the top of a mountain during a ski trip and expect it to work perfectly!


  • No AST: This meter cannot do any alternative site testing. This is a real draw back for people who do a lot of testing. Fingertips get sore fast.
  • Display: The display is the standard utilitarian black and white. Nowadays, people are really getting used to easy to read color displays. This “new” meter does not follow this trend. If you are looking for more advanced displays, check out our glucose meter comparison for more advanced options

Test Strips

The biggest change for this meter is the new test strips. They are called the Contour Next Test Strips. The claim to fame is that the strip evaluates a blood sample 7 times to deliver more accurate results. In fact, the strips provide “next generation accuracy.” I am not sure what that is, but the company doesn’t provide any data regarding how the strips are better than any other test strip.

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Bottom Line

I think the Contour Next EZ glucose meter this is a solid, if boring, monitor from a recognized name in blood glucose testing. Test strips will be widely available and easy to find. I am surprised Bayer didn’t take this opportunity to create a new meter more akin to some of the smart phone type of meters coming to market today.

I would think that the last thing people need is another utilitarian meter. Nonetheless, if you want a reliable meter without all the bells and whistles, this is a good choice.

other Consideration

The Contour Next EZ can be used with Bayer’s GlucoFacts Deluxe. You can download your data to your computer and track your results with various graphs, etc. Glucofacts is a good software program and is one of the few that are MAC compatible.

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Technical information

Model Contour Next EZ
Auto. Shut Off 3 minutes
Battery Type 2 CR2032
Battery Life 1,000 Tests
Alternative Site Testing No
Memory Capacity 480 Tests
Storage Temp. NA
Operating Temp. 41 to 113 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.6 microliter
Test Time 5 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.7 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 3.03 x 2.24 x 0.74
Backlit Display No
Warranty 5 years
Coding Required No
Software Available Yes