TRUE Read Glucose Meter Review

The TRUE Read Glucose Meter is another “ham and egger” monitor by Home Diagnostics. The meter is nothing fancy, but gets the job done. Not surprisingly, the TRUEread is covered by multiple Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs. Key Advantages Economical. If you can’t get it for free, the meter sells for less than $20 dollars. … Read more

Comparison of Blood Glucose Meters

glucose meter comparisons

Looking for a comparison of blood glucose meters? Wondering what the best blood glucose meter is? Where can you find top meter reviews? Look no further. This page list all of the best glucose meters and their key attributes and features in an easy to read table format. If you would prefer to read individual … Read more

Sanofi Aventis iBGStar Glucose Meter Review

The iBGStar glucose meter was introduced in 2012 as the first Apple iPhone and iPad compatible glucose monitor. The meter is one of the waves of “Smart” meters that have recently been introduced over the last several years. The device is marketed and sold by Sanofi-Aventis, the large pharmaceutical company. However, the device was actually … Read more

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Glucose Meter Review

myglucohealth meter

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter from Entra Health Systems is a true revelation in meter testing. The vast majority of glucose meters have very small differences between them. This particular meter is very different and is on the forefront of where glucose testing is headed. What is the big deal with this meter? The meter allows you … Read more

Omnis Health – Embrace Taking Glucose Meter Review

The Omnis Health Embrace is a relatively newer talking blood glucose monitor. Incredibly, I had not yet reviewed a talking meter when I first reviewed the Embrace in March 2012. Unfortunately, I am not sure I picked the right one to start with. The Embrace has some admirable qualities, but I don’t think the meter … Read more

Telecare BGM – Glucose Meter Review

The Telcare BGM wireless monitor is the type of product that rarely comes along and makes you think differently about the status quo. There are dozens of monitors on the market with most of them seemingly on a race to the bottom to see how cheaply they can make the glucose meter. The Telcare meter … Read more

WaveSense KeyNote Glucose Meter Review

The Wavesense Keynote Glucose Meter is very similar to the Presto. There are slight differences in the size of the meter and the KeyNote does require you to code it. For the latter reason alone, you may want to choose the Presto. The other key difference between the two is that the KeyNote is the … Read more

Sidekick Glucose meter review

The SideKick Glucose Meter is the first and only disposable glucose meter we have reviewed. This monitor is truly the ultimate in portability. It comes with 50 test strips. Upon expiration or use of all test strips, you simply discard the meter. I am all for portability. It is nice to carry an inexpensive meter … Read more

TRUE Balance Glucose Meter Review

The TRUE Balance glucose meter is the latest offering from Nipro Diagnostics. Like most of Nipro’s offerings, this meter is available for sale under the Nipro brand name, as well as branded to third parties, such as major drug store chains. A lot has changed since Nipro bought the Home Diagnostics brand, and the Balance … Read more