Bayer Contour USB Glucose Meter Review

contour usb meterThe Bayer Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter was recently released to the market with much fanfare and excitement. As glucose meters go, it is truly a site to behold. Not that any meter has to be, but this one is very sleek and attractive.

It is very small and has many of the advanced features you have come to expect from meters that come in much larger packages.

Nevertheless, is it right for you?

The Contour USB has come under fire since its release for some of these very attractive features. Let’s look at the good and the bad and see if the meter is worth it.

Key advantages

It is always good to start with the positives and this meter has some great positives.

  • Small Size: The Contour USB is small and convenient. In fact, it is the smallest meter currently on the market.
  • Color Display and Icons: Very clear and nice color display. The Icons for programming are intuitive and easy to follow. The screen is easy to read in low light
  • USB Data Download: This is a great feature. You just plug the meter into your USB port on your computer and download the testing data to the monitoring software.
  • Rechargeable Battery: When you plug the Contour USB into your computer’s USB port it recharges the battery. Optional wall charger is available.Illuminated Strip Port: There is a light to at the test strip port which helps you see where the strip goes.


When I initially reviewed this meter years ago, the key disadvantage of the product was that the monitoring software didn’t work with most computers. Obviously, this was a pretty big disadvantage considering the whole purpose of a USB style of meter was to plug it into your computer and download the data!

As of February 2012, the meter now is compatible with both MAC and windows computers. Thus. there are not a many if any key disadvantages that I can find to this meter.

Test Strips Compatibility

The meter uses the Bayer Contour Test Strips. You can see the latest prices at our Diabetic Test Strip Deals page.

Bottom Line

The Contour USB is a great choice, if you do not use the latest operating systems or third party monitoring software. It is small, has great features and is very easy to use. We just love the USB capabilities. To read more reviews and see current discount pricing, Check out

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Technical information

Model Contour USB
Auto. Shut Off 3 minutes
Battery Type Rechargeable
Battery Life Varies
Alternative Site Testing Yes
Memory Capacity 2,000 Tests
Storage Temp. NA
Operating Temp. 41 to 113 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.6 microliter
Test Time 5 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.2 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 3.82 x 1.18 x 0.63
Backlit Display Color Display
Warranty 5 years
Coding Required No
Software Available Yes