Best and Worst Breakfast Cereals Based on the Glycemic Index

The glycemic index is a method of measuring how much any given food has an affect on your glucose levels. For example, a low glycemic index food does not raise or spike your blood sugar s much as a high glycemic index food.

Here is a list of the best and worst breakfast Cereals based on their GI value. The lower the GI value the better!

Low Glycemic Index Cereals

Muesli, Natural 40 1.0 oz.
Kellogg’s All Bran 49 1 oz.
Steel Cut Oatmeal 52 6 oz.

High Glycemic Index Cereals

Rice Krispies 82 1.2 oz.
Instant Oatmeal 82 6 oz.
Shredded Wheat 83 1.6 oz.
Cornflakes 86 1 oz.
Semolina 87 ¾ oz.
Chrispix 87 1 oz..