Diabetes and Exercise – Get Moving!

Diabetes and exercise go hand in hand. The importance of exercise when you have diabetes cannot be under estimated. But, what are the top diabetes exercise programs? And, how does exercise affect diabetes? First, let’s take a look at the benefits of exercise and diabetes health. The National Institute of Health lists the following, research … Read more

Tai Chi and Diabetes

Tai Chi and Diabetes? I used to live in Boston and have always been fascinated watching people perform tai chi in the Public Garden. What I didn’t know is that there are a growing number of studies that suggest your diabetes health, and your health in general, can benefit from this eastern exercise routine. The … Read more

Diabetes and Strength Training – It’s Not Just For Muscle Heads!

“We Are Here To Pump… You Up!”  This was the battle cry of Hans and Franz during their comedy routine on Saturday Night Live years ago. Well, as it turned out, they were right on the money when it comes to strength training and diabetes health. Strength training, also known as weight lifting, is good … Read more

Kettlebell Exercises – Faster Results, Greater Weight Loss

Hands down, kettlebell exercises offer one of the best overall fitness options you can do. It can rapidly increase your fitness and flexibility levels, while simultaneously help you lose weight. While kettlebell popularity has experienced a resurgence, it is still not as well known as many other popular options. Hopefully, this article will change that … Read more

Diabetes and Pilates

Diabetes and Pilates? Unlike some exercise programs (such as Yoga), there are no studies that promote Pilates as a method of preventing or treating diabetes. In fact, the one study I found regarding Pilates and diabetes specifically determined that Pilates had no effect on metabolic control in type 1 diabetic teenagers. However, this study did … Read more