Chloe Vance Interview – Executive Director of Connected In Motion

chloe vance connected in motion

  Erich: Today, we are fortunate to have Chloe Vance for the show. Chloe is the Founder and Executive Director of Connected in Motion. Connected in Motion is a non-profit organization located in Canada, and works with people with Type 1 Diabetes to support them and teach them how to self manage their diabetes. However, … Read more

Michelle Dart Interview and Podcast

book diabetes your way

Press Play Here is the Michelle Dart Interview we conducted. Michelle has a wealth of diabetes knowledge, as a Nurse Practitioner, CDE and mother to a child with diabetes. She is an active author and diabetes coach. If you ever wanted to learn what a CDE does or thought you might like a diabetes coach, … Read more

Linda Parks Interview and Podcast

t:slim insulin pump

Press Play This episode welcomes Linda Parks, the National Director of Clinical Education at Tandem Diabetes. Tandem is the maker of the t:slim insulin pump, one of the most innovative products to hit the diabetes marketplace in years. Linda is responsible for leading the team of diabetes educators that help new users learn how to … Read more

David Weingard Interview and Podcast – Fit4D Founder and CEO

Press Play David Weingard is the President and CEO of Fit4D, a nationwide diabetes health coaching service. Fit4D works with patients to customize a workable health plan to self manage their diabetes. Fit4D contracts with individual companies or insurance companies to provide this service as a benefit of employment. This is a remarkable service and … Read more

Paul Latta Interview and Podcast

insulin viles

Press Play This podcast episode interviews Paul Latta. Paul has been on the forefront of diabetes research for over 27 years. As a business person, Paul has helped scientists with their research on finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Currently, Paul is working with scientists in Miami, Florida on an advanced islet cell encapsulation … Read more

Charles Mattocks Interview And Podcast

charles mattocks in the kitchen

Press Play Charles Mattocks is a tireless advocate for diabetes health. He came to fame as a celebrity chef, but upon a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Charles immediately began a quest to help educate the public about the condition. He has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, CNN and Good Morning America, to name a … Read more

Sergey Oreshko Interview and Podcast – MyNet Diary CEO and Founder

My Net Diary Logo

Press Play Please check out our Sergey Oreshko Interview. Sergey is the founder and creator of My Net Diary, the number one diet and exercise tracker mobile app. Recently, Sergey created a diabetes version of this popular app called Diabetes Tracker, also called My Net Diary D. This diabetes app is amazing. The app is … Read more

Iron Andy Holder Interview And Podcast

IronAndyHolder Here is our “Iron” Andy Holder interview and podcast. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 36, Andy decided to become an endurance athlete to promote diabetes health and achievement. Since this decision, he has completed 8 IronMan Triathlons. Incredible! His education efforts also inspired his foundation and his work on a new … Read more

Lucinda Duncalfe Podcast Interview

Lucinda Duncalfe

Press Play Lucinda Duncalfe is the founder of Real Food Works is an innovative meal delivery company that delivers fresh locally prepared meals to your door. The company primarily makes meals that are plant based whole foods, with very little meat. The meals are delicious and very healthy for you. If you are serious … Read more

Rick Altinger Interview and Podcast – CEO of Glooko

rick altinger photo

Press Play Rick Altinger is the CEO of Glooko. Glooko is an innovative diabetes management tool that allows you to coordinate with your doctor or caregiver to help control your diabetes. The process starts by seamlessly working with your glucose meter (practically every meter!) and smartphone to report your results. However, this is just the … Read more