Pre Diabetes – You Didn’t See This Coming Did You?

pre diabetes

Admit it, you are a little apprehensive about pre-diabetes, aren’t you? All the questions: what is the pre diabetes diet? What signs and symptoms did I miss? What is the treatment? Incredibly, in 2010 79 million Americans had pre-diabetes. This represents and increase of almost 39% since 2007. WOW! Yet, most of them are surprised … Read more

Pre Diabetes Glucose Readings and A1c Numbers

Okay, so you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or maybe you have that sneaking suspicion that you may have it. Several questions that come up include what pre diabetes glucose readings are and what should pre-diabetic A1c numbers be. Both questions require a different answer and a bit of clarification. Pre Diabetes Glucose Readings For … Read more

Pre Diabetes Diet – Watch What You Eat Now, Not Later!

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Bummer! So, you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Now, you need to get going on the right pre-diabetes diet or risk joining the infamous diabetes fraternity. Trust me, put in your work now and you have an excellent chance of avoiding this non-exclusive club. In fact, if you eat the proper diet, lose weight and … Read more

Juvenile Diabetes Diet – Special Considerations

juvenile diabetes diet

Following a proper diet can be hard for everyone, including adults and kids. When you child has to follow a special juvenile diabetes diet, the challenges can be even greater. Relax, take it one step at a time and your child can be fit, healthy and safe. And, if done right, everyone will be happy … Read more