Stem Cell Research and Diabetes – The Next Big Breakthrough?

There is both incredible promise and controversy regarding stem cell research and diabetes. The American government has placed severe restrictions on stem cell research (mainly by withholding government research funds) for ethical and political reasons. Some states and other foreign governments are pressing forward with research, but at a slower pace than what is thought … Read more

Meditation and Diabetes – A Powerful Natural Treatment

Meditation and Diabetes self-management has begun to receive more focus in recent years. Why? Because “stress makes you fat!” as artfully stated by Dr. Mark Hyman in his recent New York Times best selling book The Blood Sugar Solution. Meditation is a key method of reducing stress. However, simply reducing stress through meditation may seem … Read more

Yoga for Diabetes – Massage That Pancreas!

yoga for diabetes

Yoga for diabetes. Who would have thought? The intersection of eastern and western cultures can be fascinating. It turns out that this link, particularly when it involves diabetes, can also be amazing for your health! Yoga is most commonly known as a series of movements or exercises, often called Asanas. Most Americans equate these exercises … Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes: Mumbo Jumbo or Good Stuff!

ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes health recently came to my attention when I was researching new topics for this site. Several years ago, this topic wasn’t even listed in search engine queries, now it is quite popular. While the topic may be new, Ayurvedic medicine, sometimes called Ayurveda medicine, is anything but new. In fact, this … Read more