Diabetes Belt – Do You Live In It?

The term Diabetes Belt was first coined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in a 2011 study. The CDC study looked at the physical distribution of people with diabetes in the United States. What they discovered was that there was an area, roughly in the shape of a belt that had a significantly higher … Read more

History Of Diabetes – My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

The history of diabetes is a long one. The disease has been referenced for centuries in books, but it was not until recently that an effective treatment was developed. Here is a fascinating timeline of diabetes history. Test your knowledge to see how much you knew about this disease. I had no idea it has … Read more

Diabetes Statistics – How Many People Have It?

Don’t miss these fascinating diabetes statistics. Learn how many people have diabetes and what are all the latest facts and statistics. Where do these figures come from? From time to time, the National Institute of Health publishes a report detailing the latest Statistics. The information provides an interesting look into the profile of diabetes in … Read more