History Of Diabetes – My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

The history of diabetes is a long one. The disease has been referenced for centuries in books, but it was not until recently that an effective treatment was developed. Here is a fascinating timeline of diabetes history. Test your knowledge to see how much you knew about this disease. I had no idea it has … Read more

Type 2 Diabetes – Signs, Causes and Treatments

type 2 diabetes

What is type 2 diabetes? Interestingly, this is the exact question many people ask their doctor when they are first diagnosed. What many people don’t know is that type 2 is the most common classification of diabetes, accounting for 90-95% of all diabetes cases. The mechanics of type 2 is that either the pancreas does … Read more

International Diabetes Centers

international diabetes centers

Figuring out what the International Diabetes Center (IDC) is can be a little confusing. This can be especially the case depending upon which country you reside. There are at least three different organizations that currently, or did hold themselves out as the “IDC.” Let’s take a look and see if we can clear up the … Read more

Different Types of Diabetes

This site delves into a lot of detail about the different types of diabetes. However, this is the only place where they are all listed together. Take a look at the brief overview of each and click on the links to learn more about any particular type. Type 1 Diabetes. This type traditionally struck children … Read more

Type 3 Diabetes – What’s In A Name?

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Most people have never heard of type 3 diabetes, while others aren’t even sure it exists. So, where did the term come from and is it even real? The term is self promoted (created) by a group of scientist working at Brown University Medical School. In 2005, they announced that insulin is also produced in … Read more

Diabetes Gifts – Great Ideas For You or a Loved One

My TOP 10 Diabetes Gifts are sure to please, at least I hope so! Some of them are fairly run of the mill, while others are truly special. I am willing to bet you have never heard of several on the list. So, whether you are shopping for a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday … Read more

Type 2 Diabetes Diets – How Do You Choose?

What are the best Type 2 Diabetes Diets? Whether you know it or not, this is an extremely loaded question. The question is influenced by politics, science, personal experience and situation, opinion and many other variables. In one form or another, this question is also most popular one that people email me about on this … Read more

How To Reverse Diabetes Now! E-Book Review

The How to Reverse Diabetes Now! e-book by Matt Traverso has developed a bit of a cult following. If you have been searching the Internet, you probably have come across the book. As the title suggests, the author claims to be able to reverse the effects of diabetes naturally. Seems incredible doesn’t it? Is it … Read more

Diabetes Diagnosis – In A Nut Shell!

Diabetes diagnosis can be tricky. Diagnosing the disease depends somewhat on what type of diabetes you may have. Let’s take a look at each type and see how it is done. One of the following three tests (now four!) is used. Fasting Blood Glucose Test. Diagnosing type 1 and type 2 diabetes is usually done … Read more

Celebrities and Famous People with Diabetes

So, who are the famous people with diabetes? There are literally hundreds of celebrities with diabetes and we have included dozens of them below. Everyone from NFL players to musicians and actors to famous painters has been afflicted with the disease. Take a look below and see if how many people you know, or maybe … Read more