Work and School With Diabetes

Just because you or a loved one has diabetes doesn’t mean the world stops. People with diabetes still have to go to work and school, essentially leading ordinary lives. Fortunately, with proper management, there is no need for concern most of the time. Nonetheless, out of the ordinary situations do arise and sometimes certain situations … Read more

What to Take to Diabetes Camp?

camping cartoon

You’ve investigated all the camps. You’ve made your decision. You can’t wait to go. BUT, what do you take to diabetes camp? Is it any different than any other camp experience? Once you are accepted, most camps will forward an orientation package that provides certain recommendations to campers. Some of what you should bring will … Read more

Diabetes Section 504 Plans

kids walking to school

As much as a parent with a diabetic child would sometimes like, you cannot be with your child 24 hours a day to protect them. Entrusting their school to protect them is simply part of the process of living with diabetes. Working with the school to develop a care plan is the first step in … Read more

Americans with Disabilities Act and Diabetes Discrimination

discrimination meeting

[2013 Editor’s Note: The Americans with Disabilities Act and diabetes material has not been updated to reflect 2008 changes in the law. The Act was revised to provide additional protections for people with disabilities. The EEOC has not issued additional guidelines regarding the changes. As such, the following article will be updated to reflect these … Read more