Diabetes Crystal Ball

woman looking into a crystal ballWouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball to be able to tell the future? How about getting an accurate idea of whether you would get type 2 diabetes over a decade before it happened.

Well, researches think they have a simple blood test can determine if you are an increased risk as much as 12 years before getting the condition. Studies show that people with a high level of metabolite 2-aminoadipic acid (2-AAA) are FOUR times more likely to get diabetes than those with low levels of the substance in their blood.

This is a huge discovery for diabetes prevention. The earlier a person can determine their risk for developing diabetes, the better they can implement a treatment plan to avoid getting the disease.

While there has always been blood test for determining pre-diabetes, this test allows your doctor to determine one’s diabetes risk far, far in advance to when a normal pre-diabetes test would flag your risk.

If you know someone who does not yet have diabetes, you may want to forward this story along. However, your insurance company may beat you to it. The ability to begin a diabetes preventive plan well before developing diabetes will be very enticing to insurance companies.

With diabetes care costing so much, insurance companies are scrambling to find ways to start the disease before it starts!

To read more about this new discovery, check out the Examiner.com.