Diabetes Gifts – Great Ideas For You or a Loved One

My TOP 10 Diabetes Gifts are sure to please, at least I hope so! Some of them are fairly run of the mill, while others are truly special. I am willing to bet you have never heard of several on the list.

So, whether you are shopping for a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday or special occasion, here are my best gift ideas.

Gift Number 10 – Blood Pressure Monitor

pYes, this gift may seem like it is a little too practical. However, I recently bought one and surprisingly the kids love it, as does my wife.

I like owning a blood pressure monitor because it gives me easy access to my blood pressure reading without having to go to my doctor. It also reminds me to stay on track with keeping the my pressure low.

This Omron 10 Series is a good blood pressure monitor to reference.

Gift Number 9 – Diabetes Self Management Subscription

poFor less than $10, you can get a bi-monthly (that’s 6 issues a year) subscription to Diabetes Self Management. This magazine is easy to read and an excellent resource to learn about cutting edge diabetes issues.

Did I mention it was less than $10?

Gift Number 8 – Yoga DVD

yoga dvdDid you know that yoga has been proven to help reduce blood glucose levels and even stimulate the pancreas to producing more insulin? Neither did I, but now I do and so do you too!

I like this Yoga for Diabetes DVD. It offers great exercise and, hopefully, improved health.

I also like this book on Yoga for Diabetes Relief. It is a good companion to the DVD. Both the DVD and the book are less than $10 each.

Gift Number 7 – Pedometer

omron pedometerWith a good pedometer, you can really keep track of how far you walk, how many calories you burn and even tell the difference between regular walking and aerobic (i.e., work out) walking.

Why do I like the pedometer. I am competitive by nature so I really like turning my day into a game. I like to see if I can walk farther each day. Strange, true. But it can be fun and the benefits of focusing on exercise are huge!

I like the Omron HJ-112 because it is a great little unit that won’t break the bank. It costs less than $18.00.

Gift Number 6 – Glucose Meter

Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter
Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter

This is another one of those gifts (like the blood pressure monitor) that is very practical and not exactly exciting.

However! Monitoring glucose levels is important so getting a new meter is really a thoughtful gift. I compare this gift to getting a new pair of socks. I may not be overly excited when I open it, but I love putting on new socks every day.

You’ll love keeping better tabs on your glucose levels, too.

My suggestion is the Contour USB. This meter is really cool and small. Beyond the “cool” factor, it actually is very good!

Gift Number 5 – Wii FIT

qqDon’t dismiss this gift idea if you are over 30 years old. Really, this gift is AWESOME. You will have more fun working out with Wii Fit than you thought possible. Want to circus juggle? Do the hula hoop? Run through your own video game? You can do all this and a lot more.

This item is the most expensive on this list. The Wii Console goes for $199 and the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board accessory goes for an additional $89.00.

While all this is a bit pricey, it is cheaper than a gym membership and WAY more fun!

If you are even remotely curious, click on the Wii fit link and look at the ways you can change up your work out and keep track of your progress. Simply fantastic.

Gift Number 4 – Heart Rate Monitor

qqqHeart rate monitors are not just for superstar athletes. One of the easiest ways to get in shape and lose weight is to implement an interval walking regime. Interval training is where you alternate walking different speeds (thus different heart rates).

By raising and lowering your heart rate multiple times throughout the workout, your workout explodes in effectiveness.

A good heart rate monitor will make sure you stay withing a healthy exertion range. It may sound complex but it really isn’t.

I like the Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor . The monitor is easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to other monitors which can cost well over $100.

If you are unfamiliar with interval walking, here is an Interval Walking DVD that has a 2 mile routine.

Gift Number 3 – Diabetes Book

A good book is a time honored tradition. There are literally hundreds of diabetes books out there. Most of these books involve your diet and are pretty much all the same. However, my two choices are a bit different.

qqqqDiabetes Rising

Diabetes Rising is a fascinating account of how diabetes has exploded over the last 100 years. The book explores theories about why this has occurred and also discusses some of the most fascinating leading edge treatments. After reading this book, you may be even more informed than your doctor!



Death to Diabetes

Death to Diabetes has developed a bit of a cult following. It is not a mainstream book like the first recommendation, but it may make you rethink your treatment approach.

Gift Number 2 – Diabetes Art

This is my favorite gift of all. Whether you have diabetes or not, the photography honoring world diabetes day with the Eiffel tower is simply magnificent.

World Diabetes Day Art
World Diabetes Day Art
 World Diabetes Day Art
World Diabetes Day Art

Gift Number 1 – Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Alright this really isn’t something you can buy, but it is the whole purpose of having a special holiday or gift occasion. If your relatives or friends live far away, consider visiting them during that special time. If they live close, have a party.

The point is to make sure you share the occasion with the ones you love.

The memories will last a lifetime.