Diabetes Organizations

Non-Profit and Government Resources

dot org - nonprofit internet domainThe list of top diabetes organizations and government resources, particularly in the United States is extensive. Anyone who is not taking advantage of these resources to help themselves is really doing themselves a disservice. The difficulty is that many of these entities are scattered about and difficult to find.

While this is not the case with an organization such as the Americans Diabetes Association. It is a little more difficult understanding how valuable agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Center for Disease Control can be. The following resources are a work in progress and we welcome suggestions about how to make it better.

While we feel the established diabetes organization and government sites, tend to downplay natural remedies for diabetes, we definitely believe they are great information to learn about diabetes and get help controlling your blood sugar.

Government Resources:

Medline Plus. This site offers great basic information on diabetes and just about ever other malady or medical condition you may have.

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. This site is arguably the best diabetes site the government has. It als provides great links to other top sites. There are many free diabetes guides available.

Clinical Trials List. The single largest funding organization of medical trials is the United States government. This site is where you can keep track of what trials and experiments are being done. You can also see if some of the trials are accepting additional patients. If you want to keep up to date on a diabetes cure, this is a great place to start.

Center for Disease Control. While you don’t often think of diabetes as a disease, at least not in the communicable sense. The CDC actually covers the subject well and has very good information on diabetes.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. If you have a job, you hope you never have the need for the EEOC. However, if you suspect you are being discriminated against, harassed or were fired in the workplace because you have diabetes, these folks can help.

Weight Control Information Network. Got a weight issue? This link is one of the top government sites offering free help on how to lose the weight and get healthy.

National Diabetes Education Program. Another great diabetes learning opportunity with this site.

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center. If you want to learn about food, this site is a good starting point. It seems if you can eat it, this site has studied it.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. This site is the main government organization studying diabetes and offering educational resources.

Non-Profit Organizations:

American Diabetes Association. We think everyone knows what site this is and what they do. The main non-governmental organization dealing with diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. While the name is a bit of a misnomer, the JDRF looks to help those with Type 1 diabetes.

International Diabetes Federation. If you are an American, it can be very interesting to get a non-U.S. centric viewpoint on diabetes. This is the “worlds” equivalent of the ADA.

World Health Organization. Again, another international agency tasked with all things health related. Good information on diabetes.

Did you find your top diabetes organization in the United States, or even the world? If you feel we missed a good one, let us know and we would be happy to add them.