WaveSense KeyNote Glucose Meter Review

wavesense-keynoteThe Wavesense Keynote Glucose Meter is very similar to the Presto. There are slight differences in the size of the meter and the KeyNote does require you to code it. For the latter reason alone, you may want to choose the Presto. The other key difference between the two is that the KeyNote is the glucose meter AgaMatrix offers to other third party companies to market under their own brand name.

For example, the KeyNote is sold as the iTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System in Canada by Auto Control Medical, Inc. Moreover, Agamatrix, in 2012, has started to offer all of its meters on an OEM basis. Basically, this means that it appears it is exiting the retail market and concentrating on only developing meters for sale by other companies under various brand names.

Key Advantages:

  • Easy to Hold and Use: The glucose meter is aimed at seniors because it is easy to hold (rubber grips), and has a simplified interface to make testing easier.
  • Owner’s Manual: The Owner’s Manual is also only two pages! It looks like those cheat sheets the coaches use in the NFL with all of the plays for the game. I love it. Why do you need 50 pages to say what can be said in two! I do not believe another manufacture has done this as well. Now I am not a fan of omitting information, but if you can cover the topic in less time, then do it.
  • Alarms: The glucose monitor has 6 alarms. These alarms can be set using the meter itself or much easier with the Zero-Click management software, then synched with the meter. Why obsess about remembering to test? Let the meter do it for you. There is also a hypo and hyperglycemic alarm.
  • Backlight: It is nice to have a backlit screen to make testing in the dark or other low light settings.
  • Accuracy: The WaveSense KeyNote uses digital technology rather than electro-chemical to achieve greater accuracy, so the claim goes. While I have not seen any independent studies confirming this claim, anecdotal evidence from users is very positive about this meters accuracy.

Key Disadvantages:

  • Coding Required: This meter does require you to code it. It is not overly complicated, but it is still one extra step. For those of you who like to make a personal stamen with your meter, such as different colors, this meter will be pretty boring to you.
  • Tests Strips: Also, test strips can be a bit difficult to obtain in many retail stores. Make sure you stock up.
    • Test Strips:

      The KeyNote glucose monitor only uses Keynote Test Strips. As pointed out above, AgaMatrix is not a huge company so it can be difficult to find the strips in a retail store. For the latest prices, check out my Test Strip Deals page.

      Other Considerations:

      Like all WaveSense meters, for an additional fee, you can purchase the Zero-Click diabetes management software.

      I like this software because it allows you to make user settings on the computer, where I find it easier to figure out, rather than fumble through different menus on the meter itself.

      After you make the setting changes, you simply synch the meter with the computer. Trust me, it will be easy. The software and USB cable runs about $37.99.

      Bottom Line:

      I like the KeyNote for essentially the same reasons I like the Presto. As such, since the Presto is a no code meter, I would choose that one over this one.

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      Technical Specifications

      Model WaveSense KeyNote
      Auto. Shut Off 3 minutes
      Battery Type Two CR2032
      Battery Life Not Listed
      Alternative Site Testing Yes (P,F)
      Memory Capacity 300 Tests
      Storage Temp. 46° - 86° F
      Operating Temp. 50° - 104° F
      Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
      Sample Size 0.5 microliter
      Test Time 3-12 seconds
      Weight (battery) 1.56 oz. (yes)
      Size (Inches) 1.6" x 2.8 x 0.6
      Backlit Display Yes
      Warranty 1 year
      Coding Required Yes
      Software Available Yes