Diabetic Testing Equipment

testing equipmentDiabetic Testing Equipment comes in more forms than many people realize. The most common testing people think of is the home blood glucose or blood sugar monitors (a.k.a. glucose meters).

However, some people choose to go beyond this type of testing and do additional monitoring of there condition.

Let’s take a look at the most common type of diabetes testing equipment and whether it is something you want to begin to incorporate into your health routine.


Glucose meters are the most common type of diabetic testing done. In 2008, the worldwide market for glucose meters and supplies was $8.8 billion. I apologize for not getting more current numbers, but market size information tends to be guarded more closely than the Crown Jewels!

Nonetheless, as more people get diabetes, these numbers should rise. Either way, home glucose testing is BIG business. We have reviewed the vast majority of glucose meters available in the United States. We also did a quick glucose meter comparison guide.

Check out both of these links if you want to explore home glucose testing further.


A1C testing is a measure of your blood sugar control over a 3 month period. Obviously, this is different than the reading you get when testing with a glucose monitor. The monitor or meter only measures your glucose levels at that moment.

The A1C test is considered a better overall measure of how you are controlling your glucose levels. I have written an extensive overview of the A1C test here.

While it is better to measure the A1C at your doctor’s office, you can now test your A1C at home with Bayer’s A1C self check system..


precision-xtra-glucose-meterKetones are a waste product in your blood that is produced when your body converts fat to glucose. If to many ketones build up in your blood, then you can develop ketoacidosis, possibly slipping into a diabetic coma and even dying.

The condition is most common in Type 1 diabetics, but can occur in Type 2 diabetics as well. To read a complete overview of the condition, please take a look at my ketoacidosis article.

The best testing equipment that measure ketones in your blood is the Abbott Precision Xtra. Follow the link for my review of this important diabetic testing equipment item.


The last main piece of home diabetic testing equipment is the blood pressure monitor. Diabetics are more prone to developing a host of secondary medical conditions. High Blood Pressure is just one of them. I bought, and like, the Omron HEM-780 . It is a little pricier than some models, but I like the quality.

OTHER Devices

Of course there are always insulin pumps, but these tend to be for a very specific audience. I have reviewed the models available on the market in the United States.

There you have it! Many people will not buy any of the above, some of you will buy all of the diabetic testing equipment above. If I missed an item, let me know. I’ll add it to the list!