Tips For Choosing The Right Diabetic Testing Supplies

diabetic testing supplies

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, there are a lot of factors to consider. Your diet, exercise habits and other lifestyle choices can all affect your blood sugar levels. Although many people with diabetes talk extensively with their doctor about medications or insulin to manage blood sugar, most overlook the importance of choosing the right … Read more

Diabetes Supplies

close up of insulin syringes

Finding the right diabetes supplies is important. Especially in today’s financial climate, you want to get the best supplies at the best value. At, we are committed to seeking out the best supplies possible, whether it is diabetes test strips, glucose meters, journals, etc. There is a tremendous amount of resources located on this … Read more

Insulin Pump Infusion Sets – What You Need To Know?

All pumps have what are called Insulin Pump Infusion Sets, except the OmniPod. An infusion set brings the insulin from your pump into your body. The set consists of a thin plastic tube, a connective devise (almost like an industrial strength band-aid) on your skin, and a small needle like device that extends under your … Read more

Diabetic Medical Alert Bracelets

Diabetic medical alert bracelets or necklaces should be a “must have” if you have diabetes, and it’s not just me saying it. The 2012 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes published by the Americans with Diabetes Association states that having such an accessory should be mandatory. What’s all the fuss? Well, complications from diabetes can … Read more

Diabetic Testing Equipment

Diabetic Testing Equipment comes in more forms than many people realize. The most common testing people think of is the home blood glucose or blood sugar monitors (a.k.a. glucose meters). However, some people choose to go beyond this type of testing and do additional monitoring of there condition. Let’s take a look at the most … Read more

Shoes For Diabetics – Top 7 Factors!

This is our Shoes For Diabetics Guide. I will note that choosing the right foot wear will depend a little on your individual circumstances. Some people need a little extra protection, while others need custom made shoes because of deformities or other injuries. Initially, I want to cover why special consideration need to be made … Read more

Socks For Diabetics – Top 10 Factors!

Socks for Diabetics, really? Who knew you needed special diabetes socks? I will briefly take a look at why special socks are needed. Then, we will jump into the Top 10 Factors for choosing the right ones. Finally, I will finish off with some of the top brands to locations to purchase. There are a … Read more

Who Invented The Insulin Pump?

Who invented the insulin pump? Want to know all about insulin pump history? This is the place! Prior to the insulin pump, many diabetics depended on numerous round the clock insulin injections. Some were even confined to the hospital because of their insulin dependency. Then along came a college kid, eventual college dropout, who revolutionized … Read more