Exercise As Effective As Medicine!

man exercisingMaybe not surprisingly, new research shows that exercise is just as effective as medication in treating heart disease and preventing diabetes. While everyone, who isn’t living in a cave, knows that exercise is paramount to good health. The surprising aspect is just how effective it is.

The study was conducted by researchers at Stanford, Harvard and the London School of Economics. They looked at over 300 research trials involving over 300,000 people. They compared results from people who were given prescription medication versus people who were only assigned exercise as a treatment option. The Results?

…there were no detectable differences between the two groups when it came to preventing diabetes and keeping additional events at bay for heart patients.

If you’re like me, I find it a lot easier to pop a pill then go exercising every day. However, ultimately exercise may be the healthiest option out there not only for diabetes health but also for reducing stress and increasing mental clarity.

How much exercise is enough? It’s not as much as you think. You should aim initially for only 2.5 hours a week of moderate exercise. So, get out there and get moving. To read more details of the study, check out Time.com..