Exercising a Little Goes a Long Way: Avoiding Diabetes and Reducing Glucose Levels

Don’t like long tedious workouts? Would you rather break up your workouts into smaller more manageable blocks of time? Well, this may actually be better for you and managing your glucose levels.

A recent study published in Diabetes Care looked at the effect that certain forms of exercise had on older Americans who were diagnosed with prediabetes. One group walked for 45 minutes at a time both in the morning and at night. The other group walked for 15 minutes after each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The group that broke the exercise up into 15 minute blocks after meals had far more control over their glucose levels and were less likely to develop diabetes. Why?

Apparently, walking after meals is a big help to your pancreas for burning up the energy spikes after you eat. You can read more at the ABC News Story Here.