What Is the Highest Blood Sugar Reading Recorded?

highest blood sugar readingIf only we could open the Guinness Book of World Records and get the answer to “What is the highest blood sugar reading recorded?” The true answer probably comes down to two answers. First, we probably will never know. No one really seems to keep track of this kind of stuff, except for unconfirmed reports on various internet bulletin boards.

Some boards have people claiming to have 2000 or even higher. (BUT, leave your highest treading below in the comments to compare!) I am not sure you would even be alive if they were that high! Nonetheless, most blood glucose meters stop reading at 600 mg/L, so this tends to be the outer fringe of home tested high glucose levels.

Second, the answer depends on the test. There are two tests that are typically done. It should also be noted that each individual will have a different “normal” level. What is a high reading for one person may be normal for another. Only your doctor can really tell you what is the “right” number for you.

warning-signBut first, let’s see what different blood sugar readings mean and how they are tested. One test is the A1C and it is done at your doctor’s office. This test measures a person’s blood glucose levels for the last three months. A good reading is 6 or below, an acceptable reading is 7 or below, while a poor reading (a must get help reading!) is anything above 7. A detailed description of the A1C test can be found here.

The second test is self testing. This is often done by the individual multiple times per day using a blood glucose monitor. The monitors measure either the plasma or whole blood levels. The following are the recommend readings for each test:

Recommended Plasma Test Results

Before Meals90-130
1-2 Hours After a MealLess than 180

Recommended Whole Blood Test Results

Before Meals80-120
1-2 Hours After a MealLess than 170

A rough comparison chart for A1C versus Plasma readings is below:
11 310
10 275
8 205