Hypoglycemia – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hypoglycemia, often called low blood sugar, occurs when your blood sugar drops below normal levels. Even with strict diabetes management, low blood sugar can occur on occasion. While most instances are fairly mild, the condition can be worse or get worse if not treated promptly. The typical treatment is to eat some glucose rich food, … Read more

What is the Liver’s Role and Blood Sugar Management?

liver's role in blood sugar control

The link between the liver and blood sugar management actually has a lot to do with your mother. Did your mother ever tell you: “Don’t drink (alcohol) on an empty stomach.” While there may be a variety of reasons for this advice, your liver and how it processes glucose is a key part of it. … Read more

What is the Treatment for Hyperinsulinism?

hyperinsulinism treatment

The treatment for hyperinsulinism will vary based on the severity of the condition. Hyperinsulinism is when there is a large amount of insulin in the blood typically caused by excessive insulin secretion by the pancreas. It can also be caused by an excessive insulin dose. Hyperinsulinism usually results in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). However, extreme … Read more

Achieving Normal Blood Sugar Levels

normal glucose levels

Everyone wants normal blood sugar levels. In fact, managing your blood sugar levels (also known as glucose levels) is the core focus of your diabetes self management plan. It doesn’t matter if you are focused on your diet, exercise, insulin or medications, all of these components are geared towards managing your sugar levels. The tricky … Read more

Glyset and Diabetes: It’s All About Control

glyset pill bottle

So you have a problem with control. Controlling your blood sugar levels, that is. Glyset, from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, is a drug that may be helpful to you if your diabetes is non-insulin dependent. Like others on the market, the medication delays the digestion of carbohydrates after meals. Essentially, you can avoid spikes in blood … Read more

How to Boost Insulin Production

boost insulin production

Trying to boost insulin production is a common concern for type 2 diabetics. As the diabetic pancreas begins to emit less insulin, researchers have worked on ways to increase this production. There has also been a push to discover if certain ancient natural or herbal remedies can assist in boosting insulin. First, let’s take a … Read more

What is Your A1C Test Telling You?

testing equipment

Everyone talks about their A1c test results. Why? Well, monitoring blood glucose levels is the cornerstone of good diabetes management. While daily monitoring is both necessary and good, it does not necessarily provide an accurate measure of how successful you are in controlling your blood sugar. The A1c blood test, sometimes called the bgb A1c … Read more

Hyperglycemia – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, occurs when the blood has too much sugar in it. This usually happens when there is too little or not enough insulin. The condition typically occurs in type 1 diabetics, but can occur in type 2 as well such as when the insulin is not used properly. A blood glucose … Read more

The Blood Sugar Solution – Book Review

The Blood Sugar Solution is the latest New York Times best selling book from Dr. Mark Hyman. This book is Mark’s fifth NYT bestseller. Curiously, I read a lot in the health and wellness area, but had not yet heard of Dr. Hyman. After reading this book, I am blown away by the content and … Read more

What Is the Highest Blood Sugar Reading Recorded?

If only we could open the Guinness Book of World Records and get the answer to “What is the highest blood sugar reading recorded?” The true answer probably comes down to two answers. First, we probably will never know. No one really seems to keep track of this kind of stuff, except for unconfirmed reports … Read more