Sea Vegetables and Diabetes – What Have You Been Missing?

Why sea vegetables and diabetes? The answer has more to do with any given person’s health, not just a diabetic’s. Recently, a national public television special hosted by Olivia Newton John shed some light on this amazing source of food.


Sea Vegetables
The buzz about Sea vegetables is that they are probably the most nutrient rich plant on the planet. Cultures who regularly consume them are amongst the healthiest and longest living in the world. Starting to get the picture about why sea vegetables are so popular?

For example, the Japanese consume more sea vegetables than any other country. Here are the statistics:

  • Japan has the lowest rate of chronic disease in the world.
  • Four times as many Japanese will reach the age of 100, compared with American citizens.
  • Approximately 30,000 Japanese are living over the age of 100.

Very impressive statistics. Nutritionists believe that the health benefit of sea vegetables is because they are crammed full of trace minerals. Minerals are the building blocks of nutrition. They are necessary for healthy nerves, muscles, processing enzymes and aiding metabolism. Moreover, without trace minerals, vitamins could not be processed. So even though many people take a multivitamin every day, if they are not getting enough trace minerals, they may not be properly processing the vitamin.

Additionally, experts claim that the chemical composition of the ocean, the farmland for sea vegetables, is very similar to the chemical composition of our bodies. This similarity is one reason sea vegetables provide such great nutrition. They absorb all of the vital nutrients from the sea. In contrast, studies indicate that the soil in our land based farms is actually depleted and does not contain the essential trace minerals our bodies need. Hence, even though you may be eating the right foods, they may be lacking in the essential minerals.


Red Sea Vegetables

  • Found in the deepest waters.
  • Provides feeling of fullness.

Green Sea Vegetables

  • Highest potency of chlorophyll (stimulates red blood cell production).

Brown Sea Vegetables

  • Boosts liver and immune system functions
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Aids digestion

So, sea vegetables and diabetes health can be very important. Remember, most people get type 2 diabetes from poor eating and exercise habits. A major part of this deficiency is poor nutrition.

Certainly there are no studies that specifically look at sea vegetables and their affect on diabetes. However, there is certainly evidence that sea vegetables and trace minerals are good for you. If you have diabetes, being open to foods that stimulate overall health is always important.