Best Talking Glucose Meter – Our Reviews

talking-glucose-metersTalking Glucose Meters, from most standpoints, are no different than any other blood glucose monitor. Some have advanced features, while others are more basic in function. However, talking monitors do vary on several key factors when it comes to the talking feature. Thus, it is important to really pay attention to what you need the meter to do so you get the right one.

As of 2012, there are four companies that produce talking meters: Fora Care, Prodigy Diabetes, Omnis Health and Biosense. All told, you have nine (9) regular or standard glucose meter models and three (3) glucose meter and blood pressure combination models.

The two key features you want to study. What language do you need the meter to speak? And, do you want all facets of the meter to speak, or just the testing procedure?

For detailed specifications of each meter, you can visit the individual meter or company review found on this site. This article is mainly focused on the talking aspect of each meter. Let’s look at the meter choices below.


I have arranged the following Talking Glucose Meters in alphabetical order by company. I will make appropriate comments to each, in turn.

1BioSense Solo V2:This is the only meter available from this company. It has a nice big screen and is auto coding. One key selling point of this meter is that the talking feature performs all functions, not just the testing function. The other key feature is that it speaks in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. No other meter speaks Mandarin Chinese.


2Fora Premium V10: This is the newest meter from Fora Care. As of the writing of this article, there is little infrmation on Fora Care’s website, and they have not responded to my inquiry for further information. I will update this article when further information is obtained.


3Fora V12: This meter only provides talking during testing, not set up or memory recall. For some, this is enough. For others, this is a problem. Most meters are relatively inexpensive, so why skimp on this feature. The V12 speaks English and Spanish.


4Fora V20 and V22: These meters are essentially the same except the V22 has a rechargeable battery. They both offer the talking feature for all aspects of the meter’s use: Set-up, Testing, and Memory Recall.

These meters also have a handy “repeat” button that repeats the last statement made by the meter. If you don’t think this is handy, you must be under 40! Both Meters speak English and Spanish.


5Fora V30a: This is another limited speaking meter from Fora. It only speaks during the testing portion of the meter function. Again, I would go with the more comprehensive talking meters. The meter speaks English and Spanish.


6Omnis Health Embrace: As my more thorough review states, I do not think this meter or company is ready for prime time. The marketing material for this meter is awful, and there does not appear to be any way to call them. Other users have stated similar, and more, complaints. The meter does speak English and Spanish. For my money, there are better choices.


7Prodigy AutoCode: One better choice is the AutoCode talking blood glucose meter. Unfortunately, the AutoCode only speaks during the testing phase of operation. However, it speaks the most languages of any currently available meter: English, Spanish, French and Arabic. This is a very solid choice.


8Prodigy Voice: If you only need the meter to speak English, then this meter is arguably your best choice of all currently available talking meters. It is the only talking meter to receive two Access Plus awards (National Federation of the Blind and American Foundation of the Blind). The meter speaks all functions and has a repeat button that repeats the last statement, if needed. Now, if they would just get this meter to speak some more languages!


Only one company makes models in this 2-in-1 category, Fora Care. The theory is that as much as 70 percent of all diabetics have hypertension, thus, why not make one machine that helps you monitor both conditions. Why not, indeed?

9D10: This model is a basic speaking model, meaning it only speaks during testing, not set up, etc. It does speak both English and Spanish. The D10 is the portable or smaller version, so it is meant for traveling, etc. It uses a wrist cuff for blood pressure testing.


10D20: This model has predominantly the same features as the D10, but is larger and uses an arm cuff for the blood pressure testing.


11D30: This model is the best of the series. It speaks all functions, set-up, testing, and memory recall. Like the other models, it speaks in both English and Spanish.



I have written more in depth about the individual talking glucose meters and their associated companies on other review pages. You can click on the meter model number and access these pages.

If English is your primary language, I like the Prodigy Voice. Nonetheless, the Solo V2, Prodigy AutoCode and the Fora V22 are also excellent talking glucose meters.

By Erich Schultz – Last Reviewed March 2012.