Top 10 Diabetes Mobile Apps: Doctor Recommended

Medical Economics recently published a Top 10 List of the best mobile applications for diabetes, as recommended by doctors. Here is the list:

  1. iTriage: Symptom Checker and Physician Referral App
  2. Diabetes App: Glucose and Nutrition Tracker
  3. iCookBook: Diabetic Recipes, meal tracking and grocery planner
  4. Diabetes in Check: Planning and CDE Coaching
  5. Glucose Companion: Glucose and Weight Tracker
  6. Blood Pressure Monitor by Family Lite: Weight and Blood Pressure Tracker
  7. Heart wise Blood Pressure Tracker: BP, Weight and Heart Rate Tracker
  8. May Clinic Community: Patient Community an Medical News
  9. Tummy Trends: IBS Symptom Tracker and Health Tracker
  10. iCalcRisk: Calculates Cardiovascular Disease Risk

To read detailed descriptions of each app, please visit Medical Economics.