Top 10 Selling Diabetes Drugs

top 10 listI have published a lot of news items recently on the explosion of diabetes. Well, what was big business is becoming bigger business. The latest figures are for 2012 and the following table shows the Top 10 Diabetes Drugs.

Interestingly, Standard & Poor’s estimates that the diabetes drug market will rise from $35 billion in 2013 to over $58 billion in 2018. That’s a rise of over 65 percent in fewer than 5 years! This is huge!!

Take a look at your Top 10 diabetes medications list:

DrugCompany2012 Sales
LantusSanofi$6.674 billion
JanuviaMerck$4.051 billion
NovoRapid/NovoLogNovo Nordisk$2.8 billion
HumalogEli Lilly$2.438 billion
Human InsulinsNovo Nordisk$2.403 billion
VictozaNovo Nordisk$1.761 billion
LevemirNovo Nordisk$1.758 billion
JanumetMerck$1.677 billion
Novo Mix 30Novo Nordisk$1.658 billion
ActosTakeda$1.518 billion