TRUE2go Glucose Meter Review

true-2-go-blood-glucose-meterThe TRUE 2 Go Glucose Meter by Nipro Diagnostics is the world’s smallest monitor. Yet, the TRUE2go meter offers some great benefits and features found in much larger models. Another neat feature is that it actually attaches to the top of a test strip bottle to make for one easy carrying device.

I would not choose this meter as my primary testing device. However, I would carry it with me on trips, keep it in the office or wherever carrying or keeping a full size meter is inconvenient.

Let’s take a look at what other good things (and maybe a few bad), come in small packages.

Key Advantages

  • Small. Obviously, the small size is a key advantage when looking to be discreet and carry with you.
  • No Coding. There is no need to code the meter. Just stick the test strip in the port and get started.
  • Easy and Fast Testing. The sample size is only 0.5 microliters and takes only 4 seconds to return the test result.Alternative Site Testing. You can test your finger and forearm. Not an overwhelming number of choices, but it does give some flexibility, particularly in such a small meter.


The meter can only store 99 test results and there is no option for uploading the results to any data management software.

There are also a number of testing exclusions. For example, if you take any galactose or maltose solutions, you should not use this product. Likewise, if you are a peritoneal dialysis patient, this meter is not for you.

Test Strips

The meter uses TRUEtest Strips. The cost is fairly competitive, a box of 50 is approximately $30 dollars. To Compare the BEST prices on strips, check out our Test Strip Price Comparison page.

Bottom Line

Obviously, this meter is designed for speed and convenience. If you want a lot of bells and whistles, including data management options, this monitor is not for you.

However, if you lead a busy lifestyle and like to take a meter with you that does not take up a lot of space. You should consider this option.

Other Consideration

As stated above, the TRUE2go does not offer data management software. However, all of the other programs available from Home Diagnostics are available. For example, all customers can use the 24/7 technical support and membership in the TRUE Care program. TRUE Care offers coupons and discounts on other merchandise and access to articles, diabetes newsletter, etc. As noted in previous Home Diagnostics reviews, the TRUE Care program is adequate, but is not quite as comprehensive as other competitors.

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Technical information

Model TRUE2go
Auto. Shut Off 2 minutes
Battery Type One CR2032
Battery Life 1,500 Tests
Alternative Site Testing Yes
Memory Capacity 99 Tests
Storage Temp. NA
Operating Temp. 50 to 104 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.5 microliter
Test Time 5 seconds
Weight (battery) 0.6 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 1.7 x 1.46 x 0.89
Backlit Display No
Warranty Lifetime
Coding Required No
Software Available No