Symptoms of Diabetes

Knowing the symptoms of diabetes, including the very first signs are critical to catching the disease early. With almost 25 million people currently diagnosed with diabetes, you would think that identifying the symptoms of diabetes would be fairly straight forward issue. Incredibly, however, the National Institute of Health estimates that at least 7 million Americans … Read more

Polyphagia and Diabetes – Are They Related?

polyphagia and diabetes

What does polyphagia mean? More importantly, what does it and diabetes have in common? The term describes a medical symptom that means excessive hunger or appetite. The term originates from Greece, where poly (poli) means “many” or “too much” and phagia (fai) means food. As many will recall, one of the most common symptoms of … Read more

How Do People Get Diabetes?

how do you get diabetes

How do people get diabetes? For such a common disease, there is still a lot of mystery around what causes diabetes. There are a number of different ways, but rest assured the disease is not contagious! So, don’t worry about catching it like you would a cold. Unfortunately, doctors are still not entirely sure of … Read more

Diabetic Coma Symptoms – Educate and Inform

coma symptoms

Diabetic Coma Symptoms can be very challenging to recognize. The problem stems from the fact that the signs and symptoms are often seemingly harmless and ignored. There are a couple of different ways a diabetes related coma can develop and the signs change slightly depending upon the individual circumstances. A diabetic coma can result typically … Read more