Symptoms of Diabetes – The First Signs

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Knowing the symptoms of diabetes, including the very first signs are critical to catching the disease early. With almost 19 million people currently diagnosed with diabetes, you would think this is a fairly straight forward issue. Incredibly, however, the National Institute of Health estimates that at least 7 million Americans have diabetes, but are unaware … Read moreSymptoms of Diabetes – The First Signs

What is Your A1C Test Telling You?

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Everyone talks about their A1c test results. Why? Well, monitoring blood glucose levels is the cornerstone of good diabetes management. While daily monitoring is both necessary and good, it does not necessarily provide an accurate measure of how successful you are in controlling your blood sugar. The A1c blood test, sometimes called the bgb A1c … Read moreWhat is Your A1C Test Telling You?

Top Blood Glucose Meters Reviews

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You want to find the BEST blood glucose meter. Yet, there are literally dozens of choices. Take a look at our easy to understand glucose meter comparison charts and our glucose meter reviews of the top models. There are literally dozens of choices. Unfortunately, choosing is even more difficult because it is almost impossible to … Read moreTop Blood Glucose Meters Reviews