MyGlucoHealth Wireless Glucose Meter Review

myglucohealth meterMyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter from Entra Health Systems is a true revelation in meter testing. The vast majority of glucose meters have very small differences between them. This particular meter is very different and is on the forefront of where glucose testing is headed.

What is the big deal with this meter? The meter allows you to test your blood glucose, and then wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology) transfer the results to your cell phone or computer. In turn, the results are then sent to an online data management portal. There are only a few other meters that have similar technological advantages, such as the Telcare BGM.

This review was written in March 2012. The meter was FDA approved in 2009

Key advantages

  • Small Sample Size and Fast Results: Let’s get this one out of the way. The sample size is only 0.3 microliter and delivers >test results in as little as 3 seconds. Very Good!
  • Memory Capacity: The meter stores over 2,000 test results. Although, who really needs this many when you can wirelessly store your results online using your phone.
  • Wireless Technology: As touched upon above, this meter allows you to beam your results to your phone or computer wirelessly and then upload to an online data management solution. Only the Telcare BMG has a better interface (the Telcare meter allows you to directly upload your results, as it has a built in cellular technology).
  • Online Data Management: First, the convenience of an online data management portal is very attractive to many tech savvy users. It also has a practical component as other caregivers (e.g., parents, health care providers) have access to the data.
  • Website: The MyGlucoHealth website is very good. It is informative, particularly the tutorials for setting up your account and using the mobile features, etc. The website has an abundance of technical information and helpful information. The one criticism is that it does have the meter manual online.

The company will also be coming out soon with a wifi version of the meter, sometime in 2012.

Key Disadvantages

  • Expensive: This meter is expensive to operate on an ongoing basis. There are many different packages and I will only touch upon a few highlights here. However, the meter is not nearly as expensive as it used to be. As of March 2012, they no longer charge a monhly fee for the online software portal.

Meter Cost is approximately $80 for the wireless version and $60 if you want to only use a USB cable (no wireless capabilities).

Test Strips are only available through key retailers and they are approximately $50 for 50 strips or $89 for 100 strips.

The Mobile App, which allows you to upload your results through your phone, is $19.95.

Because your data is online, if you want to change meter companies, your data is not easily portable either.

Test Strips

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter uses a proprietary test strips for this meter only. To Compare the BEST prices on strips, check out our Test Strip Price Comparison page

Bottom Line

While Entra Health Systems is a relatively new health care company, the experienced leadership behind the company is anything but new. The team has a long track record of success.

I mention this because I just finished reviewing another start up company that was simply awful. There are many bad reviews of the product and even worse reviews of the user experience. With Entra, you get a great online portal with many good tools including exercise, nutrition and A1C tracking capabilities.

If you want a mobile experience and are willing to pay for it, then the MyGlucoHealth wireless meter is surely worth considering. Also check out the Telcare BGM. for another high tech option.

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Technical information

Auto. Shut OffNot Listed
Battery Type2 AAA
Battery Life2,000 Tests
Alternative Site TestingYes
Memory Capacity255 Tests
Storage Temp.Not Listed
Operating Temp.50° - 104° F
Result Range10 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size0.3 microliter
Test Time3 seconds
Weight (battery)2.6 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches)3.9" x 2.1 x 0.9
Backlit DisplayNo
Warranty2 year
Coding RequiredNo
Software Availableyes