Nova Max Glucose Meter Reviews – Max Plus and Max Link

Nova Max Glucose Meters are excellent in some respects and severely limited in others. Glucose monitors for consumers is not the primary business of the company, Nova Biomedical.

Instead, Nova is a leader in commercial glucose, ketone and lactate testing equipment.

The two consumer oriented meters it does produce, the Max Link and Max Plus, have a fairly narrow focus. Let’s look at each meter to see what I am getting at.

Nova Biomedical Glucose Meters

meter-max-plusMax Plus

The Max Plus is a very good meter. It is relatively inexpensive, fast, accurate and utilizes a small amount of blood. The smaller the blood sample typically means the less painful testing is.

This meter is also great because it can test your ketones. Experts recommend testing your ketones whenever you are sick or your glucose levels are between 250 and 300mg/dL. What is a little odd about this meter is that despite being rather sophisticated, the company does not offer a data management software solution.

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Ketone and Glucose TestingNo Data Management Software
Fast TestingKetone Strips are Pricey
Very Small Blood Sample
Thin Lancet (less painful!)

meter-max-linkMax Link

The Max Link is a sophisticated meter only available for use with the Minimed Paradigm Insulin Pump. The great feature of this meter is that it beams the glucose test results automatically to the insulin pump.

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Small Blood SampleUse Only With Paradigm Insulin Pump
Fast Testing
Auto Coding
Data Transfer to Insulin Pump

Test Strips

Both meters use the Nova Max Test Strips. The Max Plus meter also uses the Nova Max Plus Ketone Test Strips. For a price comparison of all test strips, check out our Test Strip Deals page.

Data Management Software

There is none. Get over it! You will have to find a third party option, or write it down in a log book.

Company Overview

Nova Biomedical is really a commercial medical device company. This is readily apparent from its website.

The site is very utilitarian and does not highlight or really market its glucose meters well. The consumer meters are simply two of many other very sophisticated devices they sell.

Despite this, I really do like the Max Plus meter.

The company is over 30 years old and is located just outside of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. They have over 800 employees, with offices worldwide.

Technical Information

ModelMax PlusMax Link
Auto. Shut Off1-3 min.1-3 min.
Battery Type1 CR24501 CR2450
Battery Life1,000 Tests500 Tests
Alternative Site TestingYesYes
Memory Capacity400 Tests400 Tests
Storage Temp.-13° - 115° F-13° - 115° F
Operating Temp.57° - 104° F57° - 104° F
Result Range20 to 600 mg/dL1.1 to 33.3 mmol/L
Sample Size0.3 microliter0.3 microliter
Test Time5 seconds5 seconds
Weight (battery)2.65 oz. (yes)2.65 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches)3.6" x 2.3 x 0.93.6" x 2.3 x 0.9
Backlit DisplayNoNo
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Coding RequiredNoNo
Software AvailableNoNo