Prodigy Meters – Pocket, AutoCode, and Voice Glucose Meter Reviews

prodigy pocket metersProdigy Meters are most known for being innovative talking glucose monitors. In fact, one of the company’s talking meters received Access Awards from both the National Federation of the Blind and the American Foundation of the Blind.

Very Nice. Diabetes retinopathy affects many people, so having good quality speaking glucose monitors serves a vital need.

Two of the company’s meters are speaking (AutoCode and Voice), while the Pocket is a small portable type of monitor.

Let’s take a look at each Prodigy glucose monitor a little closer.


meter-prodigy-pocketProdigy Pocket Glucose Meter

The Prodigy Pocket meter is a very small meter, similar in size to the Contour USB, OneTouch Ultra Mini, and others. It does not have some of the features these other meters have, but it does do an adequate job of testing your blood glucose.

My biggest issue with the Prodigy Pocket meter is the set up function. To set the meter requires pushing a button on the front of the meter and a button located in the battery compartment on the rear of the meter. Thus, you have to constantly flip back and forth between the front and back of the meter. Granted, set up the meter is not done everyday, so the impact is minimal, but it is still annoying.

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Small "pocket" SizeAwkward Set Up
Alternative Site Testing
Fast Testing


meter-prodigy-autocodeProdigy AutoCode Glucose Meter

The Prodigy AutoCode is one of the company’s talking glucose meters. It is unique, amongst talking meters, because it can be set in FOUR different languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic. This is incredible. Also, the meter has a feature where the user can repeat the last message. This is great for people like me who fade out from time to time and need things repeated!

Anecdotally, some users report accuracy issues. The accuracy tolerances for the meter appear to be within industry standards, so it is hard to say if these reports have merit. Basically, ALL glucose meters have accuracy swings.

The only other negative is that, like the Prodigy Pocket, the AutoCode has a set up button in the battery section on the rear of the meter. Thus, meter set up is annoying (see my description in the Pocket discussion above).

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Talking Meter (4 Languages)Possible Accuracy Issues
Fast TestingAwkward Set Up
Messege Repeat Feature


meter-prodigy-voiceProdigy Voice Glucose Meter

The Prodigy Voice is the Company’s award winning talking glucose meter. I am disappointed that the meter is only available in English, unlike the AutoCode meter. Nonetheless, the Voice is an easier meter to use. The set up feature has been moved from the battery compartment to the front of the meter. Also, the meters controls are more straightforward.

If you speak English, then this is a very good talking meter.

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Talking Meter Fast Testing
Fast Testing
Messege Repeat Feature

Test Strips

Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test strips work with all the meters. For a price comparison of all test strips, check out our Test Strip Deals page.

Prodigy Meters Data Management Software

There is no information available on Prodigy’s data management software. You have to download a 600mb file for Microsoft compatible computers. This reviewer only has Apple computers, so I was not able to download the file. It is unusual that the company provides no screen shots or description of the software in its marketing materials. Prodigy’s website is decent and provides minimal resources. The videos showing how to set the Prodigy meters are helpful.

Company Overview

Prodigy Diabetes Care is a start up medical device company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They manufacturer Prodigy meters in the United States and sell them throughout the world.

Technical Information

Auto. Shut OffNA2 min.2 min.
Battery Type1 CR20322 AAA2 AAA
Battery Life 1,000 Tests 1,000 Tests 1,000 Tests
Alternative Site TestingYesYesYes
Memory Capacity120 Tests450 Tests 450 Tests
Storage Temp.40° - 115° F40° - 115° F40° - 115° F
Operating Temp.50° - 104° F50° - 104° F50° - 104° F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL 20 to 600 mg/dL 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size0.7 microliter0.7 microliter0.7 microliter
Test Time6 seconds6 seconds6 seconds
Weight (battery)1.2 oz. (yes)2.76 oz. (yes)1.2 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 3.54" x 1.38 x 0.693.35" x 2.28 x 0.873.94" x 2.25 x 0.75
Backlit DisplayNoNoNo
Coding RequiredNoNoNo
Software AvailableYesYesYes