Research: Obesity Doesn’t Always Cause Diabetes

domino effectWell, you probably new that obesity doesn’t always lead to diabetes. In fat, there are plenty of skinny people who get diabetes. Irish scientists have concluded the same.

But, they have also found that measuring the amount of inflammation in a person can be an indicator of whether someone is more at risk of developing diabetes. They even determined that 35 percent of obese people are metabolically healthy and are not at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

So, what is inflammation? The simplest way to think about inflammation is that it is your body’s reaction to an outside stimulate. It could be an injury, an organism, a particular food you eat and stress. It is a perfectly normal response of the body to try and deal with al of the bad things your body may come across.

The problem arises that in our modern world, we eat the wrong things and have a lot of stress, among other factors. This causes the body to remain in a chronic state of inflammation. Too much inflammation is what some scientists believe contributes to a whole host of disease, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.

The unique value of this Irish study is that it proposes that not all obese people are unhealthy.

For the record, if you are obese, consult your own doctor before declaring yourself a pillar of health! You can read more about this study at Medical