Biosense Solo V2 Glucose Meter Review

solo V2 meterThe Solo V2 glucose meter is the newest talking monitor from Biosense Medical Devices. I’ll take a look at these features more fully below, but the V2 is known for its easy testing, large screen and the comprehensive nature of its talking capabilities.

The meter is the only offering from Biosense. Overall, it hits a very niche market well and has developed a nice easy to follow website. Biosense is located in Duluth, Georgia.

This meter was reviewed in March 2012. The meter was released in the Fall of 2010.


  • Large Screen: The Solo V2 glucose meter has one of the larger screens in the industry. Talking: Not all talking meters are created the same. Some talking meters only cover the testing process. The Solo V2 covers it all. This includes describing error messages and set up.
  • Language Capability: The meter can communicate in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. The addition of Mandarin was a key change for Biosense when it upgraded its meter to the V2 version. According to company research, there are approximately 800,000 mandarin Chinese speaking diabetics in the United States. This meter is squarely aimed at that market.
  • Ease of Use: The Solo V2 glucose meter is an auto code meter. Simply put in the test strip, apply the blood and wait for the results.


There really aren’t a lot of disadvantages to this meter. Besides the large screen and the talking feature, the meter is fairly run of the mill, thus no major disadvantages.

However, I would say that the data management software is very pedestrian. This means that it really is not that sophisticated, so people that like to really manipulate data and track their blood glucose levels using special graphs, etc., will not be happy.


The meter uses Solo V2 test strips. They are typically very inexpensive. For a price comparison of all test strips, check out our Test Strip Deals page.


If you want a large screen and a talking glucose meter (particularly if the user speaks Mandarin Chinese), then the Solo V2 is a very good choice. These two features are the key benefits that the meter aims to hit. All the other aspects of the meter are fairly benign. Also, if you want special data management features, then this meter is not your best choice.


The meter comes with four different lancet choices. Depending upon your preference or needs, you can choose the lancet that works best for you. Several of the choices are excellent for visually impaired users.

Considering the company only makes one meter, it is good to see several lancet choices.

You can also get colored skins for the meter to protect it and customize the look.

Technical Information

ModelSolo V2
Auto. Shut Off20 sec. to 5 min.
Battery Type2 AAA
Battery Life3,000 Tests
Alternative Site TestingYes
Memory Capacity500 Tests
Storage Temp.Not Listed
Operating Temp.50° - 104° F
Result Range20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size0.7 microliter
Test Time6 seconds
Weight (battery)2.65 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches)3.94" x 2.17 x 0.18
Backlit DisplayNo
Warranty5 year
Coding RequiredNo
Software AvailableYes