Bionime Rightest Glucose Meter

Bionime Rightest Glucose Meters offer Swiss innovation in a small and inexpensive package. There are three blood glucose monitors available from the company in the United States, each offering something slightly different for the user.

Overall, these meters are simple and basic. They do not have any meters that I would classify as a specialty meter that offers the user anything particularly noteworthy. Which, I would add, is not necessarily a bad thing. Good basic testing is what many users want.

These meters were reviewed in March 2012.



Rightest GM100

Introduced in 2007, the GM100 has some good features for a very small meter, like 7, 14, and 30 day averages, plus 150 test

memory. The meter does not have the capability to download results into data management software.


Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
SmallLarge Sample Size (1.4 mL)
Simple to Use8 Second Results
Auto CodingNo Data Mng. Software

GM 300

Rightest GM300

Introduced in 2005, this was Bionime’s first glucose meter. It is a general purpose meter that offers good basic testing. At this point however, If you want to stay in the Bionime family of products, I would purchase the GM550. It has a similar price point with newer and more advanced features.


Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
InexpensiveLarge Sample Size (1.4 mL)
300 Test Memory8 Second Results
Auto Coding


GM 550

Rightest GM550

For Bionime, this meter is its best offering in the United States. It is quicker (5 seconds) and uses less blood (1.0 micro liter) than the GM300. Thus, I would choose this meter if I were going with Bionime.

Key AdvantagesKey Disadvantages
Backlit Screen"Run of the Mill" Meter
500 Test Memory
Auto Coding


Interestingly, Bionime uses slightly different names for its test strips than the actual meter name. Here is a handy comparison:

GM100 – GS100

GM300 – GS300

GM550 – GS550

As you will notice, the second letter changes. Maybe “M” stands for meter and “S” stands for strip. Regardless, don’t get confused. For a price comparison of all test strips, check out our Diabetic Test Strip Deals page.


Bionime Rightest Glucose Meters do not use proprietary software. Instead, the company uses Diabass management software developed in Germany. Diabass is one of the leading diabetes management software in Europe. Diabass is a decent option. It is much better than other, but it is not a “category killer” solution.

Some American users have complained that the software has some rough edges, given that some translation issues between German and English still need to be worked out.
Company Overview

Bionime is a Swiss company founded in 2003. Impressively, the company now has over 800 employees and operates on every major continent. (As of 2012).


ModelGM100 GM300GM550
Auto. Shut Off2 min.2 min.2 min.
Battery Type1 CR20322 AAA2 CR2032
Battery Life 1,000 Tests1,000 Tests1,000 Tests
Alternative Site TestingNoYesYes
Memory Capacity150 Tests 300 Tests500 Tests
Storage Temp.40° - 140° F14° - 140° F14° - 140° F
Operating Temp.50° - 104° F50° - 104° F50° - 104° F
Result Range20 to 600 mg/dL20 to 600 mg/dL20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size1.4 microliter1.4 microliter1.0 microliter
Test Time8 seconds8 seconds 5 seconds
Weight (battery)1.52 oz. (yes)3.0 oz. (yes)1.87 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches)3.74" x 1.72 x 0.513.35" x 2.28 x 0.873.57" x 1.87 x 0.65
Backlit DisplayNoNoYes
Warranty5 year5 year5 year
Coding RequiredNoNoNo
Software AvailableNoYesYes