TRUE Result Glucose Meter Review

true-result-glucose-meterThe TRUE Result Glucose Meter is the flagship model of Nipro Diagnostics. It is the most advanced and feature rich model they manufacture. During clinical tests, 99% of first time users obtained clinically accurate results.

The company markets the meter as the accurate and inexpensive option for most diabetics.

The meter is also a popular choice for people who use Medicare Plan B and Medicaid. Obviously, check with your individual plan to see if you are covered.

Key Advantages

  • Fast and Small Sample. The TRUEresult only requires a 0.5 microliter sample size and returns results in as little as 4 seconds.
  • Alarms and Reminders. You can set up to 4 testing reminders and comes with a ketone alarm when your blood sugar rises above a certain level.
  • Averages. The monitor keeps your 7-14 and 30 day average test results.
  • No Coding. No coding is required to use the meter.
  • Alternative Site Testing. Finger and forearm testing is available.


Like some of the other Nipro Diagnostics meters, the TRUEresult is a little hard to find. Walgreen’s carries the diabetes glucose monitor, but otherwise you may have to look around to find it.

Interestingly, the company has still not figured out how to make the meter compatible with its diabetes management software. They are still working on it. This seems a little odd considering that the meter is supposedly the most advanced one they make.

UPDATE MARCH 2012: The company has figured out its compatibility issues and the management software is now compatible with this meter.

Test Strips

The monitor uses the TRUE Test Strips. To Compare the BEST prices on strips, check out our Test Strip Price Comparison page.

Bottom Line

The TRUE Result offers clinically proven accuracy, as demonstrated by the test results highlighted on its website. The accuracy is arguably its best feature.

While it does have some other good features, the meter is not overly distinguishable from other choices.

However, getting an accurate test result is the name of the game, so it is not surprising that the meter is very popular among testers.

Other Consideration

Additionally, they offer free diabetes management software called True Manager. This software has been greatly improved since Nipro took over from Home Diagnostics. While the downloaded version of the software is free, you will have to purchase a docking station for $19.95. Otherwise, you cannot download the meter data. Also, if you want the CD rom version of the software, the entire software / docking station package will run you $29.95.

Their client support program is called TRUE Care. TRUE care offers a newsletter, product discounts and other print and educational resources. This program is adequate but not as comprehensive as other manufacturers.

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Technical information

Model TRUEresult
Auto. Shut Off 2 minutes
Battery Type One CR2032
Battery Life 2,146 Tests
Alternative Site Testing Yes
Memory Capacity 500 Tests
Storage Temp. NA
Operating Temp. 50 to 104 F
Result Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Sample Size 0.5 microliter
Test Time 4 seconds
Weight (battery) 1.66 oz. (yes)
Size (Inches) 3.523.44 x 2.16 x 0.69
Backlit Display No
Warranty Lifetime
Coding Required No
Software Available No